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My life was normal, until this particular day I hitchhiked.I wasn't expecting to get a good ride. I was picked up by a young man, in his early thirties, in a Nissan Altima. I looked like hell (that's my usual look, by the way). My mascara was running,I had a tangled hair extension and my pair of thick nerdy glasses. I was shocked when this young man smiled at me. He was handsome though. I think he‘s the only person I have met so far that doesn't think I am a nerd.(How I hate that word!)
So we got talking. He is a businessman. The main point here is that he is wealthy. When I tell him that I am a student of the university and I hitchhiked to get back to my hostel, he is excited. His excitement is contagious. We exchange numbers. It is only natural that we want to see each other again. At last,somebody can see the beauty in my running mascara, tangled hair extensions and nerdy glasses. I keep my exploit from my friends.
Subsequently, my ‘parade‘ changes and I ‘upgrade‘. My,friends are a bit worried and my other classmates regard me with awe and wonder. I was becoming a ‘chick‘-sexy and classy. I had ditched the glasses for contacts. All ‘those girls‘ wanted to ‘roll‘ with me. The guys thought I was hot. Call me the Most Sought-After! I remember the time I brought my Ipad 2 to class…
…Yesterday evening, the ‘businessman‘ came to my hostel to see me. We played the normal ‘adult how-I-missed-you game‘, hugs, pats, caresses and the likes. He brings out a package. It's a BLACKBERRY PORSCHE!!! I squeal on delight. Our session comes to an end. My roommates share in my excitement. I can't wait for class the next day. When I got to class, my phone actually rang, everybody gasped! I would have sworn that the earth stopped rotating at that point. The lecturer came in then
Somebody tapped me. I turned to look. Alas! I was on my bed. I put my hand under my pillow. I pick my nerdy glasses and put on my Nokia 1230 aka torchlight phone. It's 8.30am. My contract law class was fixed for 8.00am. I was hopelessly late and I am still a geek with running mascara, tangled hair extensions and thick glasses!



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