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the cane village at mende
SIFEUNILAG is an offshoot of SIFE. It is made up of intelligent undergraduates of the University of Lagos. SIFE is present in many universities all over the world. These intelligent youths, aside from having the world cup in mind, also have the vision of changing lives using entrepreneurial skills and business approaches-“A MIND FOR BUSINEES AND A HEART FOR THE WORLD”.
Some people are going to be benefiting from SIFEUNILAG’s effort to change the world is the CANE VILLAGE in Mende, Maryland Lagos. These talented craftsmen make very beautiful products using cane as their raw material. However, truth be told, these products can hardly compete in the international market because they lack the necessary technological input. Sadly, this is the long-term goal of most of the craftsmen-to compete in the international market. The target audience for this project would be youths, who run programmes in tertiary educational institutions while making crafts to earn a living while going to school. Apart from the need for technological advancement, other factors have been identified, namely; internal conflict, generational gap difference-parents of the youths are also involved, hence disparity in long term goal, problems of price control and necessary market mechanisms, as well as poor “packaging”
SIFEUNILAG seeks to improve their quality of life while addressing these factors. This is no doubt, no easy feat. However with the necessary effort and support from relevant quarters, this would no doubt be a success.



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