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While things like
death and taxes are
certain, some are more
certain than others-
premarital sex amongst
teenagers, married
people committing
adultery, ‘aristo babes’
and first love. I, for one,
believe that everybody
has a first love. In these
times, there has been
increased awareness for
HIV/AIDS and other
sexually transmitted
diseases, more
advertisements for
condoms and other
types of contraceptives.
However there is
preference for pills,
injections and the
supposedly permanent
measures, especially
among the female folks.
My experience in my
part of the world as far
as contraceptives are
concerned makes me
feel that the main
purpose of
contraceptives has
defeated. This is linked
to certain socio cultural
factors, like respect for
virginity and adults,
prevalent here.
That fateful day, I
went to the community
pharmacy to get
contraceptives with a
friend. She didn’t
remember the name of
the one she had used
earlier. According to
her, she would recall
upon seeing the pack.
There was a clueless
guy at the counter. He
referred me to the
medical officer in
charge, who fortunately
for me was a woman. I
brightly told her that I
needed contraceptives.
She took my friend and
I aside and gave us a
talk. According to her,
contraceptives had a
way of messing up a
woman’s monthly cycle.
Plus, she wasn’t certain
my boyfriend really
cared, otherwise he
would wait for me. Also,
I should keep myself
and all that jazz (this
expression feels right).
My first problem with
this line of thought is-
what if I was the one
pressuring? The height
of this was I didn’t get
the contraceptives after
all this talk. She told me
to come back, but God
knows it sounded like
she wanted to do a
follow up. The point
remains that after a bit
of counselling, a person
is free to choose. I
probably should have
found out about the
name of one instead of
just going in like that.
What was I thinking
anyway? One can never
be too careful. ‘Body no
be firewood’. The high
rate of rape and
pregnancy resulting
from rape is very
alarming thanks to the
redundant police force,
backdated statutes and
slow coach legal
Abstinence remains
infallible for people like
me who hold morality
in high esteem. Again
contraceptives indicate
common sense; after all
it is only human to be
physical, if you know
what I mean. There is
need to make
accessible, morality is
failing us again. All our
core values have been
eroded by the West,
why not turn to
common sense.
I believe in virginity
and sex after marriage…
not for the female folks
only. Its high time men
realised that there is no
excuse for not keeping
themselves till marriage.
After all, it used to be
what a woman can do,
a man can do better. To
my future husband, it’s
all or nothing.



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