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These days, many kinds of talent hunt shows have come up. Most of them are for musically inclined people. In this part of the world Every major telecommunications network is a proud sponsor of one- MTN’s Project Fame, Globacom’s Naija Sings, Etisalat’s Nigeria Idols. The other ones are not very popular. The Peak Talent Show is for all talents, while the Amstel Malta Box Office is out to search for the next movie star, though it leans towards a reality show. A mini big brother, if you ask me. However, nothing much can be said for these shows because the truth is that their main purpose is being defeated.
The reasons are not far-fetched. One is made to believe that these shows are to refine raw talent. This is supposed to improve their chances of survival in the ever competitive entertainment industry. Unfortunately, this is not the case because the past winners of all these talent hunts have refused to make good use of the opportunity granted them. The only thing they seem good at is disappearing without a trace. While talent is paramount, it is also necessary that the participants are looking forward to a career in that field in the long run and not money. The organizers have no way of finding this out, do they? I wouldn’t know for sure, because the auditions seem to favor the extra ordinarily talented ones. A friend of mine said that when opportunity meets an unprepared man it’s the funeral of prosperity. The point here is that it’s not about having the talent. It is about having plans for the talent.
I am convinced that the participants are after the money. I think that if anyone wants to get rich in a snap of the fingers, game shows and reality TV shows are a safer option. Promos and monthly draws don’t sound bad, trust me. Truth be told, nobody expects much from the winners of these talent hunts. Before you go to make a fool of yourself at that audition, consider your future plans. Ask yourself the relevant questions. Are your plans in line with what this show has to offer? And the winner is the one that exceeds all expectation and leaves a mark in her chosen field be it singing, dancing, acting or comedy. To those going for the audition, I wish you the best.



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