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This is to al the radio lovers out there. There are so many radio stations in the city of Lagos, each having its unique audience and focus. For instance Brila fm is very exclusive when it comes to sport matters, while Nigeria Info is very popular for its talk shows and opinion poll. Radio stations have diversified in response to technological advancements such that one can watch them life on their various websites. One can keep in touch with their various On-air Personalities and DJs via their various handles on the social networking sites. So, this article, by compiling the names and frequency of the radio stations in Lagos, amongst other things, is aimed at making you pay a visit to radio land in the city of Lagos with ease. The radio stations have been arranged from the lowest frequency to the highest.

88.9 MHZ Brila fm
sportsradiobrilafm … Jiggyman,oge,…
89.75MHZ Ekofm
… … …
90.9MHZ Top radio … … Stranger,tosyn bucknor
92.3MHZ Inspiration fm … … ChazB,danfoster
92.9MHZ Bond Fm http://www.radionigeriaonline/ns-lagos html
92.9 bondfm … …
93,7MHZ Rhythm FM … 937rhythmfm Omalicha, ik osakioduwa
94.1MHZ Rainbow Fm … Rainbow94.1fm … …
95.1MHZ Wazobia fm Wazobiafm951 Wazobia_fm Yaw,egos
96.9MHZ Cool fm Coolfm 96.9 Coolfm969 Mannie,freeze
97.3MHZ Classcic fm Classic fm 97.3 Classicfm973 …

97.6MHZ Metro fm http://www.radionigeriaonline/ns-lagos html
… … …
98.1 MHZ Smooth fm Smooth 98.1 … …
99.3MHZ Nigeria info Nigeriainfo993 … Obinna,matse
99.9MHZ Beat fm The beat99.9fm … Douglas,olisa
100.50MHZ Raypower fm Raypower100.50fm . …
101.5MHZ Starfm … … Dj bombastic
102.3MHZ Radio Continental Radiocontinental102.3 fm Rc1023 Wetindey crew-tatafo,iyajogbo,danbaba
102.7MHZ Naija fm Naija fm MAijafm1027
103.1MHZ Unilagfm … … ….
103.5MHZ Radio 1 http://www.radionigeriaonline/ns-lagos html
… … …
105.1MHZ City fm City105.1fm City1051 …
105.9MHZ NOUNfm NOUNRADIO105.9fm … …
106.5MHZ Raypowerfm Raypower100.50fm … …
107.5MHZ Tiwantiwa http://www.radionigeriaonline/ns-lagos html
… … …

This list is however not exhaustive because new stations are bound to be established. After all, we are talking about Lagos here. I hope this post has been helpful, if not still make inquiries via your comments or emails to Thank you.



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