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Note that this article doesn’t say ‘top ten’. Rather, this article is for those who are tired of the law library, its mechanisms and its odour as well as not courteous librarian (sometimes). Or those who want to do research from the comforts of their homes (or beds). If you need the full text of your cases and other primary sources of law, this article is for you. Shout out to all those whose statute and materials are soft copies; you want to add to your resources? This article is for you. However, as a scientist needs a laboratory, so does a lawyer need a law library. Online resource centres are not substitutes for law libraries; they only make you feel more at ease in a law library. These sites have not been arranged in any particular order.
Yes, wikipedia provides texts of cases and attempted definitions of law terms. However, the bulk of the cases here are foreign especially English cases. The texts of these cases contain summarised facts and oft quoted dictum of the leading judgement.
This website contains basically judgements of the House of Lords (UKHL). The good thing is that it provides the full text of the judgement. It is also important to note that, more often than not, when a case is cited on wikipedia, a link is provided to this website for the full text of its judgement, provided it is a UKHL case.
Ordinarily, a google search of a Nigerian case would provide you with profiles that bear similar names on social networking sites.. However this website is it! (Pardon the expression) C’est super! It provides you with summaries and full texts of judgement, even as pdf files. The ratios are clearly highlighted. This format is similar to the hard copy law reports. You can also print directly from the website.
This is also a wonderful website. It provides variety of law resources ranging from the primary sources of the Nigerian law to information on the Nigerian courts. They even offer job opportunities. (I have not tried to apply though).its UI is such that you can see the contents of a statute or resource at a glance.
I admit that the name of this particular site is funny. This is one “hot” website that you have to visit. First, it provides links to various agencies and organisations like the EFCC, ICPC, NBA, the police force, the national assembly etc. it gives access to resources in a lot of areas of law ranging from public law to private law. The site is rich in statutes and rules. Whatever this site lacks in law reporting it has made up for with its crazy jokes. They sure had me ROTFLMAO.
This website is an initiative of the AkwaIbom State Judiciary. It is a part of the “library without walls” initiative. The site is brilliant and the chief judge is a beautiful woman. (No homo). I am very glad I stumbled upon this website. It permits you to search for cases by the year, or the name of the judge, or the counsel, or the topic (this should be the ratio decidendi). It also provides easy access to selected judgements of the state high court, laws of the state, electoral petitions and recent cases of the Supreme Court.
Truthfully, this website is part of an application I discovered. It is a very useful offline dictionary but it comes with other benefits, hence this website.
This is a very precise blog. It frequently uploads recent cases of the supreme courts with access to text of judgement.
This is not a Nigerian site. It provides you with concise lecture notes on various areas, doctrines and principles. It is not a Nigerian website so it may not boast of any Nigerian case except the locus classicus of the rules laid by common law, especially in first and second year courses. It has a lot of free resources and they are available for download. It claims to be a leading Law Essay Writing website.
This site belongs to the popular Takaii magazine. This magazine is very hilarious, although it talks about serious issues affecting the legal profession. It contains enlightening articles on the modern trends in the legal profession, enlightening arguments. It’s a wonderful magazine that lives up to its slogan- ‘…that law can be fun’. The website is a replica of the magazine. Don’t carry last oh (pardon this Nigerian expression)
Note that these sites are not for the law students only; legal practitioners may find it useful to complement their knowledge. As earlier stated, these websites should not be used in lieu of the library. You should check them out though, yes, YOU!
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