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I don‘t mean to get all mushy and stuff, but I just want to take this time out to acknowledge my friends. They are a cool bunch of selfless people, going out of their way to make me happy and to give meaning to the lives of the people around them. We all have done stuffs together and for each other,learning new things and unlearning as well.
Well, this is just to you out there. We have less than 10 days before this year runs out. Be nice to your friends. Do stuffs for them and with them. You dont only buy gifts on special days like their birthdays or festive seasons. A thank-you card would suffice. It is not bad to tell your friends that you love them. Write a poem for your friend, do stuffs they like doing, spend time with them, laugh at their jokes etc. Remember, that happiness is contagious. If your friends are happy, you would be too.
So express yourself,my dear. After all, on ne vit qu‘une fois #YOLO
See You Later:* :*



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