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This is a tribute to Ndubuisi. I will never forget him. i also pray that god will strenghten his family members,his parents most especially. it is every parents prayer that their children live longer and more fruitful lives than they live …

Dear Ndubuisi,
That day was a Sunday. I can’t remember the date. It was just a normal Sunday service and I was dressed in my attire and my ushering tag. Producing the attendance sheet, I walked up to your seat and asked for your details including your room number. You gave me the exact details at every Sunday service. That Sunday however you wondered why I didn’t know your room number already considering the fact that you gave me every Sunday. You weren’t rude or aggressive in making your point and it got to me. You were right though. That was last session
This session, I have not been around. We were classmates and workers in the same fellowship. In spite of this I never said hi to you for once (you would never even know now). I didn’t even know that you went home because you were not feeling too well. All I just heard on Tuesday when I came to school was that we were going to your house. I was stunned. It dawned on me finally that, that Sunday was the last time you would ever give me your details. It was a crazy feeling that kind you get when you realize that someone just ceased to exist.
Shamefully, I am admitting that I never committed your room number to memory. It is even more painful now that I will never know the new one. I am going to miss your baritone voice and your cheerful air. I know that you are with God now, that’s enough comfort for me.
Yours truly,
Forgetful Usher.



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