Climate Change or Global Warming


The world is getting really hot. Normally, when rain falls heavily overnight, there is this lingering coolness the next morning. It didn’t happen that way this week. The sun went all out that morning. I wonder how the people in countries close to the Sahara Desert are surviving. These days, the sun is still shining brightly at 5.30PM. Going by all the reports, it is definitely not going to get better.

My friend, bless her heart, was thinking of starting a ‘movement’. It revolves around sensitizing the populace and involves various partnerships with several environmentally inclined NGOs. I agree that climate change  has to be put across to the average person as simply as possible. A lot has been said about the burning of fossil fuels, and the need  to find other sources of energy. But, we also have to realize that these other sources of energy must be affordable and accessible. Using Nigeria as the case study, a large portion of  homes still use kerosene stoves along side gas cookers or electric cookers, because electricity supply is virtually non-existent and there is that fear that gas is really explosive. In University of Lagos, for instance, a lot of the restaurants still cook their food with charcoal or stove.  Include the various ‘Mama Put’ and ‘Iya Basira’ all over the country. A lot of them are still into firewood and charcoal.  On the brighter side, I have also been hearing about Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) as an alternative fuel source.  Although I have a cooker that is supposed to run on it at home, I have never used it. Where do I get LPG from? How safe is it (it is still gas)? Is it cheaper than kerosene or charcoal or firewood? (I might not have a problem finding out answers to this questions. In fact, my theme for this month is Climate Change). But, what about those who don’t even know about it?

I remember telling myself to always sort my waste.(The LAWMA people don’t even ask. It is not supposed to be so). I also remember wanting my first car to be either solar-powered or electricity powered. I remember wanting to open a recycling plant.I also remember wanting the office of my corporation and my house to be solar-powered. The rubbing of minds can start from here. This is one of the ways I hope to contribute to the ‘movement’.


P.S The non-existent power supply makes the heat unbearable. Thank God for Rainfall and Air-conditioners. What projects have you been involved in that are geared towards environmental conservation? What brilliant ideas have occurred to you while trying to find a solution to the problem of global warming? Is it really a political issue? Is Global Warming Climate Change?




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