Things got very interesting this week.

The Oil and Gas Bar


I got busy looking for anyone who is using LPG as their cooking fuel. Guess what? I found none!!! I asked my less-than-200 followers on twitter, got no response. I even mentioned some significant tweeps to no avail. Then, I started disturbing my Whatsapp contacts and asking my friends and classmates etc. Everyone is either using natural gas or kerosene (maybe electricity). The good news is I am still searching. The better news is I discovered that Oando plc sells LPG at selected distributor outlets nation wide. It does seem however that before you can use LPG, you have to get a cooker manufactured to specifically run on it or get a model with a conversion kit. The other day, a friend mentioned that LPG is also LNG (Liquified Natural Gas). This is not true. They are not the same.

So, I am still searching for a person using LPG as a cooking fuel, preferably in Nigeria.


I was able to attend the Oil and Gas Bar meeting. I watched a documentary titled ‘oil for nothing’ at the meeting. Firstly, some of the Niger-Deltan Communities are not ideal for habitation. The Government (Federal, State or Local government ) have totally failed to perform its duty to the citizens. Basic amenities are unavailable – this is a general problem. Oil spillage has contaminated a large portion of the water bodies. Acid rain has destroyed most of the plants. The community can neither fish nor farm. This is an unfair bar on their sources of livelihood. But everyone is pointing an accusing finger. The Oil Companies are blaming the disgruntled locals for vandalizing pipelines. The locals are blaming the Oil Companies for not paying them part of oil money. The Oil Companies are blaming the government and the community leaders who are being ‘settled’.  We should probably leave the oil in the ground where it belongs. We were obviously better off without it.

The possible solutions to the problems raised by this scenario are to be discussed in the subsequent meeting. I can’t wait till then.  But what does this portend? Apparently, environmental degradation has trans-boundary effects. Are the people of this communities going to suffer in silence? Is leaving the oil in the ground the best option for now? If Nigeria stops exploring oil today, what will be the effect on everyone? Apart from  compensating the individuals, there is the need to restore the environment too. Whose duty is it?



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