It is very hard as a human being to comprehend that life is happening to a lot of people all over the world the way it is happening to you. The fact that you just got into a fight with the bus conductor doesn’t mean that is the worst thing that could have happened that day. Somewhere else,at that same moment, a girl is being taken captive by terrorists. A pop artist is signing a new deal. A lover boy is being jilted by his girlfriend. A widow just won the lottery. A christian is speaking in tongues. A whole family is wiped out in a bomb blast. And, some naked children are running around the streets. While you move on to the next moment, these people also move on too.

So, when you feel like you have the sole right to be annoying, think about this. When you are being unnecessarily mean and bitchy because life has been unfair to you, just remember that you are not the only one in the world.

If you feel like you have the monopoly to yell at everyone, while claiming you must have had the worst day ever, think again. After an irrational outburst, instead of an apology and the necessary remorse, the next thing is an impossible ‘Don’t judge me. You don’t know what I have been through.”

what i think when people say I dont know what they have been through

The thing is I don’t really care. If we were to weigh our travails on a scale, I am sure such a scale would stop working after the third use . Life screws everybody, maybe not at the same time, place or manner. And if  it hurt so badly, does that mean that we all should walk with our legs wide apart? I don’t think so. The same way problems abound, solutions abound. There are stories of people who have overcome adversities, failures etc.

The very next time you behave badly, why don’t you take responsibility for it, apologise, and fix it (if you can). You are not the only one who has problems. Besides, the fact that you don’t seem to know how to deal with it doesn’t make it the biggest problem in the world. So sociopath or psychopaths should not be punished become some event in their childhood made them turn out the way they did? Or rapists should be pardoned because they were sexually assaulted once. The list is endless.

Have a lovely week.

Have you ever felt like you have been singled out by misfortune? How did you react? Do you think you should take out your anger on someone else? Do you feel uncomfortable with apologising when you are wrong, even when you have a genuine reason to so be?




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