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This week, I present to you the ENACTUS Team Federal University of Technology Owerri, (FUTO). They have emerged national champions twice – 2010 and 2012.  In this interview with their team leader, Franklyn Iheanachor McFabian, you may just understand why this is a moment of celebration for them.


ME: How did you fare at the world cup generally?
FRANKLYN: Our debut in 2010 was poor. In 2012 we came third in our group but it wasn’t enough to scale into the semis.

ME: So let‘s say your team is a strong contender this year. What are we to expect from you?
FRANKLYN: That has been one of our strengths, you know. Expect us to come celebrate our projects, our team and most importantly our beneficiaries. Besides every team that creates impact in my opinion is a strong contender. But again we look beyond the enactus nationals and celebrate our projects in other platforms and we have been recognized for our efforts.

ME: When you say beneficiaries,  do you mean your target audience?                                                                                                                                                                         FRANKLYN: No. The Beneficiaries are not our target audience. But our target audience are included in our beneficiaries. We design a project for our target group but people within and outside the target group can benefit from the impact or value added. It’s like setting up a company called Indomie with children as target consumers only for say students to also love and benefit from your product. #JustAnAnalogy

ME: When you say celebrate, what about the judging criteria?  What other platforms are you talking about?
FRANKLYN: Although we are ENACTUSFUTO,We see ourselves as social entrepreneurs. So the  judging criterion is just one of the standard practice we adhere to. We also showcase our projects in other platforms like the Indian School of Business GSVC and indiafrica business competition. We also won an award from teach a man to fish UK, and some of our members belong to several international social entrepreneurship groups.  Not wanting to blow our trumpet, we also respect all teams on the ENACTUS network.

enactus futo

ME: Impressive. Let’s talk about this year‘s nationals. Are your projects new or improvement of the ones you have had earlier?                             FRANKLYN: It’s a combination of both. We have eleven projects running. The oldest is four years old  and newest is six months. We have not selected the ones to be presented this year as they all have an equal chance.

ME: Since you have been to other platforms, is the judging criteria  foolproof? Is the criteria the best formula any entrepreneur can follow?
FRANKLYN: Actually nothing is etched in stone. I believe the enactus criteria is just a yardstick to measure teams. There are some elements like sustainability, scalability and innovation that are not explicitly stated in the criteria but also important.  Ethics too.
ME: Finally, what would you like to see changed, introduced or scrapped?
FRANKLYN: 1. Make it less competitive or give non-competitive rewards
2. create avenues for the best ideas to be found. Head hunting graduating enactus students is not a bad idea.
3. Efficiency in the country office is needed
4. A credit load system should be considered.

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