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If you have been following my previous posts, you probably have been wondering how you can be a part of something as big as this. Yes, you can and it is just a few clicks away. Enactus Nigeria presents the E – challenge. This way ‘you (get) a chance to be engaged, be a part and eventually get the opportunity to select that Enactus team that you feel has been able to identify the most meaningful opportunity, taken effective action and made the most progress’.

I think your support would go a long way in encouraging these teams. These are young people who are working very hard to provide solutions to problems with the aim of changing lives. I wish I could share all the projects in this single post, but I can’t. I have picked two projects from two universities – Project LET from Usman Danfodio University Sokoto and Project 360 from the University of Lagos.

PROJECT 360 from ENACTUS UNILAG for the MAKOKO community

Project 360 aims  to turn around the stuation in the Makoko slum. Plagued by lack of basic infrastructure and little or no governmental presence, the members of the Makoko Community, especially the youths, may have lost every reason to hope for a better life. ENACTUSUNILAG has seen the opportunity in their despair and the Water Hyacinth may just be a blessing in disguise.


PROJECT LET (leather work and tomato puree)

In a world plagued with high rate of food wastage, the ENACTUS team from USMAN DANFODIO UNIVERSITY may just be heaven-sent. The Large scale local farmers and herds men from the city of Sokoto may be singing a different tune by the time this project is being executed.

What is the common thread running through these two projects? These teams have responded to the needs of these various communities. If you are reading this, you have begun the journey with these teams already, stay with them till the end and you will definitely be able to pick the team that has most effectively impacted lives and made the most progress.

Remember that there are other teams taking part in the E challenge. What are you waiting for?

P.S  It is exactly fifteen days to the Enactus National Competition. When we compete to improve lives, we all win. Aren’t you excited!!! I can’t wait to see the life-changing  and mind-blowing projects the teams are going to present this year. That’s what ENACTUS is all about – Taking Action. It’s your turn!!!



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