source: Bon Voyage by Jo O’Brien

They say a journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a step
They say the journey should be more interesting
Than the destination
Or is it that the destination should be equally

They also say
There is no such thing as a destination
That the journey never ends
Except, of course, you take your last breathe
What or where then
Is the place of arrival?
Have you really arrived?
For, they say, it is merely a stop
And the day you think you have arrived
Is the day the world gives up on you

Who cares what the world says?
You think you don’t
They say you do and,
You know this too.
But on this one journey
The one you have to undertake
They say that what you must find
Is what you find

Though there might have been a departure,
There can be no return
For to return is failure and
To arrive is death
Now you must remember
No body goes on this journey with you
And if you get lost
Make sure you ask for directions
The world is a small place

How do they always say it again?
Bon Voyage!!!


P.S I wrote this poem a while back (last year). I hope you enjoy it. By the way, I ‘stole’ that picture from this place. I think it is an awesome site. What comes to your mind when people say life is a journey?



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