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She watched as her husband buried his face in his palms. Her hand was hanging in the air. She didn’t know how to console him. The words died in her throat. She put her hand down and tried again. Yet, the words betrayed her. He got up from the bed and faced her.

‘God must be punishing me for my sins. I just don’t get it.’ He looked out of the window before he continued. ‘I can’t do this anymore. I need you to let go of whatever you think is between us and move on. Start over. Make new friends. Be happy.’

She shook her head in disbelief. She looked at her interlocked fingers before answering.

‘My place is at your side. I have found happiness with you. Let me bear your punishment with you’.

He held his sides as he doubled over with laughter. How could one person be so dumb? He watched her puzzled face. How could she not get it? He moved farther to the end of the room, where he began to pace. He had to think fast. He brought out his phone. He had a call to make…


I never liked Daddy’s laughter. It is like when Tito takes my food from my bag pack and eats it during lunch. I don’t like mummy very much too. She is like my class teacher – always ready to cry.

I don’t like home very much too. I wish Daddy and Mummy would talk about something else. Is Daddy coming to a Primary School? He was not happy he didn’t get in. He said he lost it.  Those young boys that keep coming home. Why won’t they leave me alone? Why can’t Mummy see that I don’t want them to come into the house? They smell like the dry leaves that Uncle Tade keeps in the cupboard at Grandma’s house. I don’t like Uncle Tade very much. He put his mouth in my bombom and said it smelled. I heard them asking Daddy for money, that they carried the boxes away for him? What boxes?

I am tired of watching Daddy and Mummy. I don’t like it when I climb the bed and Mummy says not to disturb her – like now. If I don’t leave, she will smack my bombom. Daddy will not say anything.

I don’t like this place, When I am like my big sister, I will leave and never come back.



A world changer who tells the stories that deserve to be told. Fiction may sometimes be real.

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