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“And it came to pass
that our saviour gave us a gift of tragedy
for which we are too dumb-struck to find a melody.”

Funso Aiyejina


Approximately a week ago, I got this message via Whatsapp:

 Dear Enactus Team Leaders,

We all by now are familiar with the issues of Nigeria exemption from participating at the Enactus world cup due to an outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria.

This comes as an update to the issues as there is a new development. Following our continuous engagement with Enactus Headquarters on this issue, we have now received an update from Enactus headquarters that the decision to exempt Nigeria from the Enactus World Cup 2014 was reached by Enactus Headquarters and not by the Chinese government.

With this new information, it is our opinion that it is only fair that the same decision be taken by Enactus Headquarters on the team representing the United States, the Texas State University, as Texas is currently battling with the deadly Ebola Virus.

We sympathize with the EKSU team about this as we understand the trauma the members have been through. We also understand the disappointment you must all feel at this time and that may want to air your views. This is understandable as it is only natural. However, please let us desist from the use of obscenities or derogatory words, terms and phases.

You may make your voice heard by posting the question below on the Enactus Headquarters social media platforms:

How is it that Nigeria is not participating at the Enactus World Cup 2014 on the grounds of Ebola whereas, the United States of America is participating?#EnactusWorldCup or #Enactus

 It was subsequently followed by:

 Please, EVERYONE, put this simple message up on the walls of EVERY Enactus Team Page around the world that you can find.


Support Enactus Nigeria to ask the Enactus HQ to answer our question.

Why is Nigeria not at the Enactus World Cup on grounds of Ebola, and USA is?


I have to admit that the outcome of this whole affair leaves a sour taste in the mouth. As you may have probably guessed, Nigeria was not represented at the World cup. The world cup was just concluded on Friday – two days ago. To say that Nigeria has been cheated, is an understatement. Have we not been declared Ebola free? Exactly six days ago, if I may add. Were  we not even commended by the WHO?:

Even when the virus found its way to the oil hub of Port Harcourt in the southeast, authorities were able to quickly contain it, an example WHO said others should be able to follow.

We must, however, learn from this. It is obvious that our foreign policy leaves a lot to be desired. To borrow the words of some of my friends, is now very clear that Nigeria has no clout internationally. Our projected image, also has a lot to do with our own perception of our country. We don’t believe Nigeria is worth fighting for, or how do we explain the deafening silence and nonchalance with which Nigeria responded to the unfair treatment. I think that it is safe to conclude that Nigeria got what it deserved.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t always have to be this way. We can be the change that we seek. After all, ENACTUS preaches change. The recent exclusion of Nigeria from the Competition, however, begs the question – What kind of Change does ENACTUS preach? Discrimination? Unfairness? Today we have lost our voices, tomorrow must not end the same way.

If you have been following my ENACTUS posts,  you would understand that it is unfair to give people an opportunity to take part in changing the world, and rob them of the recognition that comes with the successes they may have made. The World Cup used to be a high point in any ENACTUS year for Nigerian students. With this occurrence, does it mean that we should not look forward to it anymore? Surely, there must be an explanation.

Have a lovely week!!!



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