Source Photobucket Sheena

He came to me
He saw my weakness
He understood my helplessness
There I hung
Blind to the world
Looking to the darkness

Lithe and graceful
He slid down
At ease in that pool of darkness
Confident, surefooted
He looked up,
Watching my flailing limbs
He held out his arms,
‘Jump! I will catch you’.

So, I let go.

Spiraling into strong arms
Like darkness
They enveloped me
Like heat
I felt him in the core of my essence
But those arms had never been warm
I trembled
In the arms of Despair.

His voice
In the air
In my ears
‘Hold on. I won’t let go’
I sank into his chest
But the stench of my fear
So strong
I was gasping for breath
My feet touched the ground
Still in the arms of Despair.

The cold snuck up my ankles
My wrists, my neck
The clinking sounds of chains
My steps became slowed
Chained to this darkness
In the arms of Despair.

I braced myself for what was coming next
After those cold eyes,
Those thin lips,
The sharp edges of his face,
And the roughness of his voice
Then he said
‘You are mine now’.



A world changer who tells the stories that deserve to be told. Fiction may sometimes be real.

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