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My Darling,

                    You might be wondering why I am sending you this letter. At this point, I feel emails are too impersonal. An email can’t express how I feel right now. Of course, I just have to use the right words. I think I should take it back to the time we first met. Hmm…it was very funny-a fairytale if you ask me. If I was asked to describe that day using a song, it would be Taylor swift’s Today Was a Fairytale… I know you are wondering why I am doing this. I am wondering why myself. Well, I guess this has to be done.

                  The day we met, we were waiting for different people, who actually stood us up. We had lunch together. It was bliss. Everything was fine after that. We couldn’t get enough of each other. We chatted on Facebook, BBM, and Whatsapp. We sent emails back and forth, midnight calls and the rest. I can’t remember any of the things we used to discuss then. It’s funny though that we used to talk about everything, yet we talked about nothing.

                Subsequently, I met your friends and you met mine. Then, we went to different universities. You were in the north and I was stuck in Lagos. But we promised each other that distance was never going to be an issue. so, we kept on seeing each other(literarily). Then Effiong broke up with me. You were there.  It was crazier when Helen ‘ran away with your heart’. I was glad that you found solace in my arms. It’s shocking to realize now that I was very happy that it was just the two of us. My friends kind of suspected that I was obsessed with you. If only they knew…

               Anyway, it’s been five years and we have been through thick and thin together. You lost your mum and I , my brother. Then, I lost my virginity to that smooth talker. Oh, it hurt then. (It still hurts now though). As usual, you were there to remind me that it wasn’t the end of the world. How did I ever think I knew what love meant at that vulnerable time of my life. If I could replace it with a song, it would be Brandy’s have you ever. We had happy moments too. You got the scholarship money and we went to Ghana and Cotonu. You also had your share of rash decisions…your one night stand, the cult boys, the gay lecturer. I don’t need to go into details. You turned born-again. I was happy for you but I wondered if you were crazy. There are many things to talk about.

              Hmm… It’s final year already. Somehow, I settled for an extra year. As you know… I am not exactly smart. On the brighter side, I have learnt my lessons. It has to come all out now or it never will. I have always felt funny (good “funny”) around you. It was not the same feeling that I felt for Tunde or Effiong or Emmanuel. You make my world go round (notice the tense). How could you not have felt the same way about me? How can you not feel the same way about me? You see why we talked about nothing? Oh my friends say that I am ‘tripping’ for you. They are too correct. A song to capture the moment-you belong with me by Taylor swift.

               The courage to write this letter doubled when I received your email about the dinner with Helen. I hope you will see why it has to be just the two of us. I love you Biggie and that’s all I need to know right now.

                                                                     Your best friend,


P.S Was digging through my mail when I saw this. I wrote it in 2012. I hope you enjoy it.



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