Okay, I overdid it. Hollywood has a lot of mind blowing stuff too

Arthur - Harry- Eggsy - Gazelle -Valentine
Kingsman: The Secret Service

So this is a movie review.

I am not an action movie person. Watching the movie ‘Kingsman: the Secret Service’, however, may have made me change my mind. It was unexpectedly awesome. I totally loved and still love it. In my humble, opinion, I think it is going to be a classic. It was that good.

It is a British movie and I was totally surprised that it was the same director who directed Kick – Ass. I hate Kick-Ass. I loved Eggsy (Taron Egerton) -he reminds me of Leonardo Di Caprio – he is a cutey. My only problem with British movies is the accent. It could be difficult to understand sometimes.

There is a very interesting plot. The story flows smoothly. It begins with a botched operation and a subsequent attempt at redemption. But it is not as straight forward as it seems. It takes over a decade to obtain redemption, and Galahad (Colin Firth) in the process. Eggsy’s transformation is superb, and I was disappointed that he failed the last stage of the series of test into the Kingsman. That’s the most amazing part, it is unlike any action movie I know (I don’t know a lot though). There is always a side kick for the lead actor, then there is always some sort of attraction between the two of them. Normally, Eggsy should have fallen in love with Roxie, one of his fellow prospective Kingsman. She was the last (wo)man standing. That didn’t happen. Then again, the movie is based on a comic, and I guess it is more action than romance.

I loved Samuel L. Jackson’s interpretation of his character. He is good. It is just scary that some people may actually be thinking like that *shivers*. I am all for protecting that environment but it gives no man the license to commit mass murder. There were some sad moments like when Galahad died. It is really about how he died. It came from no where.

I don’t do spoilers. I totally loved the movie. I recommend for everyone (adults). Although some scenes may have you cringing. I saw a man split clearly into two halves – not a joking sturve.

By the way, those legs of Gazelle, what are they called?



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