‘’…my educated opinion tells me independence has arrived too early…Lord Lugard woke up one morning in 1914, had a cup of tea and threw us all together and says, ‘Behold Nigeria’. Meanwhile the tribes can barely stand each other… Mark my words, within seven years this country would be at war…’’

Prince Aderopo in October 1st.

one of my favourite scenes
october 1 ropo and tawa

I can’t really explain why my recent posts have been about movies, but this is one movie I just cannot not upload a post about. I like the fact that the movie tries to allude to the Biafran War. Was the Biafran War really about us not overcoming our ethnic differences?

Kunle Afolayan just keeps getting better. There, I said it.

Kunle Afolayan October 1
Kunle Afolayan

The movie’s title is quite misleading. At first, you get the impression that the plot would revolve around history, colonialism and political struggle for liberation. But then, you hear the forest grounds respond to the soles of a girl’s feet as she runs away from her predator, and her piercing screams as she doesn’t quite succeed, you begin to get the bigger picture.

October 1
Ropo. Yeah.. Am obsessed

There was life before colonialism, and some part of that life was kept out of the reach of it. You are shocked by the grimness of the murders and your heart goes out to the people of the peace loving village. Then, you find out who the murderer is, yet you still doubt because there are other factors to consider. The truth is, you would not have been in suspense if you had paid attention from the beginning – there is only one person in the whole of that movie that is dressed in white all the time.

Sadiq Daba
Inspector Danladi Waziri

The story revolves around catching a serial killer. Some things we can guess – a very good detective tormented by ghosts of his past, a serial killer who is crazy because of some childhood events, clashes between the detective and his partner etc. The movie tries to place little emphasis on the independence. Instead, it follows the lead detective as he narrates the events leading to the resolution of the case. The movie is narrated through the use of flash back. Cinematography was superb, acting was excellent, nice costumes, the make up would have been better – a lot of the tribal marks looked fake.  For the first time in a long time, the real Yoruba language is spoken in a movie. There is none of the nonsense we have on African Magic, where the Yoruba is so diluted with English, you begin to wonder if it is actually another dialect. The whole movie should have been subtitled. I know there were some characters who didn’t understand Yoruba and had to speak English. It would just have been neater to subtitle the whole thing.

Prince Aderopo ... I couldnt resist
Prince Aderopo … I couldn’t resist

I don’t do spoilers – not ideal in my opinion. For a lot of people I know, watching a Nigerian movie at the cinemas is a waste of money. I am not sure I agree with that, provided it is a Kunle Afolayan movie. It is a really good movie, and the stakes are definitely getting higher. I would just like to say, though, that I hope we move from a trend where one person is a director, producer and actor in a particular movie. We should invest in good movies, movies that have themes to reflect the truth that we are always ready to deny. If the aim was to give us a glimpse of what that period was like, it was achieved. If, however, it was to give some history lessons, then it could have been better.

Ropo and Koya before the world went mad
Ropo and Koya before the world went mad

A must watch for Nollywood haters and enthusiasts. For the former, because something good can still come out of Nollywood. For the latter, because Nollywood may actually be getting it right


Waziri and winterbottom... Dany boy?
Waziri and winterbottom… Dany boy?

P.S I am in love with Prince Aderopo. Where was he gotten from? Would we be seeing him in other movies? I feel like ending this with a snippet from the conversation between Inspector Danladi Waziri and Mr Winterbottom (Lovely name)

Mr Winterbottom: …Nigeria may be independent; you clearly have no idea about the politics of this fragile land. An Ibo woman is killed in a Yoruba land, a Hausa man is arrested and subsequently killed by the Ibo father; turns out the Hausa man is innocent and it was indeed a Yoruba prince who murdered the Ibo woman and the others. No Nigerian government will allow this file to see the light of the day. Case closed!

Inspector Waziri: Is this about protecting Nigeria or the fact that one of your own, a man of clergy, was busy molesting young boys?…

Me: Touche



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