My Independence day post would be a message I got on Whatsapp from a great guy, an IMUNN 2015 delegate at the Security Council and my G. Like I always say, we need to make the right conversations, and this is a very good example.

Every good Citizen of Nigeria wants our Country to be better but how many people can sacrifice for it? All we do is criticise government and say all sorts of things that are irrelevant when we haven’t performed out duties as citizens, we haven’t obeyed the call, we aren’t serving our fatherland, we letting the labour of our heroes in the past be in vain because we fail to strive for a better Nigeria, We are as guilty as the government.

”True patriots look beyond personal gains, to the good of the country. They are people who believe that their country can rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes.

They are the ones who do not ask what their country can do for them but what they can do for their country” – Ojisi Chimezie Judemary

Followership is very important and we haven’t got it right at all. For so many years so many things have been said about moving Nigeria forward and the people who were even working towards it have given up. We need not to give up.
The government isn’t Nigeria, We are Nigeria and until we decide to act more and criticise less, until wake up every morning and Nigeria is the main goal we won’t get it right.

Please do not even think for one second that we can’t get it right, we are very beautiful, hardworking, intelligent, accommodating and very RESILIENT people, It’s not in our blood to give up so we have all it takes.

We will keep moving forward as a Nation as long as we decide to serve Nigeria with all our strength and defend our unity.

Nigeria will be better so what are we waiting for, let’s act now, We are the Nigerians – United we stand, Divided we fall.

HAPPY 55TH ANNIVERSARY NIGERIA!!!. I love my country and I will serve my country with all my strength in peace and harmony.

Ohaji Princewill,
Advocate of Peace,
Your G👍

#BelieveinNigeria🙏 #ActNow💪 #GreatNation🙌

Join the conversation, guys!!! Happy Independence Day!!!

P.S Prince is on twitter @gr8tprince and instagram @gr8tprince53



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