It is not strange for children

 to always ask questions .

It is probably out of uncertainty

 or insecurity.

 We are said to be mature

when we find the answers to

 those questions.

 Old age is a blessing and a curse.

Because we find the answers but realise too late.

We needed those answers in our time of anxiety:

When we were young.

 It is no new sight for children

and youth to be filled with vigour

 fueled by anxiety and

anticipation for the future.

But while they grew old,


 became  the same

 and frankly

 Or rather sadly,

monotony set in

and their souls sagged under the weight of reality.

 The burden,

Too heavy it sapped them of their strength.

  Alas! the disambiguated longed for Serenity’s absence.

To be once again filled    with  gait,

to be once again full of faith.

 But Time never stops to wait

And in the end the battered souls realised,

as their mortal spirits danced to the welcoming clarion:

it all never mattered…


Neymous is a poet, self-acclaimed philosopher and advocate for  the use of law and literature as tools to create awareness for social change and foster  intellectual reawakening  that will orientate Nigerians to change Nigeria and then the world.




A world changer who tells the stories that deserve to be told. Fiction may sometimes be real.

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