When the Chibok girls went missing two years ago, I wrote this. For most of us, we didn’t know what to expect. Nigerians have been accused of being selectively amnesic. Somehow, contrary to expectations, two years later, we are still having a conversation about them. I am glad that they are alive, at least from the proof of life video on twitter and CNN. Unfortunately, the Nigerian Army is yet to find them in spite of claims that Boko Haram have been technically defeated. It is also irritating that this video  has been with the government since mid January, and we are just seeing this now.

So this is a little something for them.

Missing Chibok Girls 2016
Source: CNN



Death hovered over us

Inhaling fear

Exhaling despair

The putrid odour of uncertainty

Permeated our nostrils

Its juice

Like that of the Onions

Drawing tears from our eyes.

It surely came

Descending with swift precision

In various shapes and forms

Hearts stopped beating

Minds twisted and purged

Nested in the wires of explosives

A walking mine

Dreams evaporated

In atmospheres of Holy Matrimony


Yet we waited

Mother’s smile flashed

Father’s last hug lingered

Memories playing hide and seek

We dare not forget

We have nothing left


So here we stand

In front of the world

Separated by this lens

Here we stand

With our bare faces

In the light

Before the world that has not forgotten





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