Just Leave Me

A poem by Oluwadunsin Adebayo Josephine

Would you just let me be

I’ll rather not climb the

mountains with you

Could you please just let me be

And stop knocking on heavens door so vehemently,

You confuse me

To his coy mistress you wrote

Stories all too soon I found to be true

Hiding, running, panting

trying to find a way in this

maze called love

You confuse me, you really do

And now I’m wondering

Like a student of the bios and the logos

Which part brings the heart


Which carries the oxy-genated blood

Cos I need to breathe

The life of a thing is in the blood,

You have trapped me,

Choking me solid

This silence is killing me

And just like the rich have people,

I’m wondering, with my protruding belly and lush skin

Wow, is this really how life in the city is,

Pray for me, because I’m dare

I dare to look on

I’m scared, scarred but this mountain of your love is overwhelming

You confuse me

and yet again,

I Pray that God

grants me you

Olowo orimi

Ale nobody

I’m already on my way

Do please pray for me.

Mummy, I’ve brought him,

HOPE you like him

Cos I’m falling

Into this slippery Creek called love

My petals so soft

Once I get in, I know I’ll blend in

I’ll melt like salt in water

Evident yet separate and still inseparable

Pray for me!!



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