‘Honestly, no two crushes are the same’

                                                                                             Ekaete Hunter



Initially, I was going to write something deep –  a poem or a story. In that poem, I was going to talk about my crush, his pearly white teeth, how I think about him everyday, how my poor heart can’t survive the time travel – I have been to the future with him in it, obviously – how he is constantly in my thoughts. I would then go on to tell him how much I (think) love him and how earnestly I hope he would love me back etc. In the story, I would have talked about how we would have met, and how we would end up in ‘conjugal bliss’ with kids and how even when we are caught in the storm of our midlife crises, our love would be an anchor that will prevent us from drifting apart.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I mean there is this guy somewhere on this planet who definitely doesn’t know that I exist – which is not surprising because we don’t even talk – and I just rope the poor guy into my cliché imaginations because I am having a crush. I feel sorry for him. I won’t be surprised if he has been having serious bouts of fatigue and exhaustion in real life because he has been too busy playing God in my little Crushdom – being omnipresent and awesome and perfect.

I am so tired and I just want to move on with real life. I just want to wake up and be normal and just have a peaceful breakfast without smiling at my coffee because I am thinking of he-who-must-not-be-named. I mean I have had crushes,  okay maybe one or two. I wasn’t this bad. Ogling was fun while it lasted. Looool.


So, I won’t delude myself into hoping that he likes me or ends up liking me. It would be nice though. Really Really Really nice.


What was the point of this post again? My crush. Yeah. Wish me luck guys as I try to get over this one.

P.S the images on this post were very apt for me and my peculiar situation aka crush. And if you sincerely have some crush memories you would like to share, please feel free to leave some comments. I like cute romantic stuffs e.g crushes even those ones that never go away. lol.



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