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The Dilemma of a Medical Officer


KemK The Great

Ending stigma and discrimination.

Looking at the sickly patient on the hospital bed in the ward, she felt pity for him, wishing he had come earlier, known about his condition, his status… only if he had known earlier he would not have progressed so rapidly to the late stage of HIV. His health and life could have been savaged, preserved and function for good.

Well, now he’s lying down here on the bed. There is only a little she could do for him. She being the newly posted medical officer (intern) to the unit of the hospital and since she would be spending a while in the unit, guess she is not in a rush to save anybody or make herself too conspicuous for more work than she already has – Setting lines, ward rounds, keeping records, routine tests and running errands are already enough job.

Today, the patient has…

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