Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.  Proverbs 23:22 (NIV)

We Celebrate You Dad
Happpy Birthday Dad!!!

Dear Daddy,

We thank God for the man that you are. You are not perfect  – far from it – but you could only have been a gift from God himself. So, I thank God for you.We thank God for what you have taught us, how you taught us and what you are still teaching us. Even though, we may not agree with you all the time, we understand that all you have done for us has been with the best intentions.

You taught us to be proud of our heritage. You taught us that hard work never killed anybody. You never stopped us from believing and you were always there when we needed the reality check. I thank God for our disagreements, because after each one, we learned to accept divergent views and respect those holding them. We learnt to be meek, we learnt to be humble and yet not disregard our self-worth. We learnt that some things are priceless. We learnt what family is really about. We learnt to have each other’s backs. We learnt to be content without being complacent. We learnt gratitude and appreciation without grovelling. We learnt responsibility and accountability even when the world is not watching.

There were rough times – a number of them. We learnt, even then, not to give up on one another. We celebrate you, sir. We do love you. And we pray that your life remains a testimony of God’s perfection. (Amen)


P.S Happy Birthday to Azuka Rachel aka Rachysmallz and Oseahon Edmund @the Edmund. God bless both of you real good.



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