I had very little to boast of before I met Christ. For in comparison with other men, I was not very good, and had but very little virtue.

And then I met Christ – He of whom I had heard so much about – and suddenly, I had NOTHING at all to boast of. For in comparison with other men, I had some advantage, something at least to pride myself in compared to them; but as I looked upon myself again, this time in comparison with His immaculate, impeccable perfection and complete worthiness, I was hopeless, utterly lost. I bowed my head in shame before Him, and began to weep.

But he lifted up my head, and caused me to behold Him. And at that moment, I saw…

I saw how the Word, eternal and everlasting, immortal, completely God from the very beginning, became flesh – temporal, ephemeral, mortal, man; I saw, how GOD took on the likeness of mere dust! I saw, how he was born of a virgin – a miracle from birth, yet in a manger and grew from there, subject to the elements and the vagaries of the world that he created – how he was hunted and hounded by the very men he made…

I saw him live such a perfectly sinless life as none before or present with Him had ever lived. I saw how he kept the law to such minute detail that Moses himself would be ashamed before Him. I saw Him live with such beauty of nature and character, full of love and compassion.

I saw how he grew and was anointed with power by the Holy Ghost, and went about doing good, healing the sick delivering the oppressed, raising the dead and bringing joy and hope to many, for God was with Him. I saw him do many miracles, earning the adoration and praise of many who saw and heard of Him. Yet I saw, that that was not entirely, why He came. I saw that he came not merely to display his glorious authority, not merely to advertise His power at every given opportunity, beneficial as it was to all who came to Him. No. I saw, that He came to identify, to be on the same page, with my weak, lowly finite and limited self, to such complete degree that when it was time, He could be qualified to die for me.

I saw Him, drink the cup of my sin and God’s corresponding judgment at Gethsemane – I saw Him, dreading the ultimate sacrifice as a man, yet – yet! Surrendering to the Father’s will for the salvation of all mankind, for it was His own divine will as well. I saw Him, the Judge of the Earth, arrested like a common thief, taken, and tried unjustly by men unworthy to kiss his feet. I saw Him before Pilate and Herod, the Perfect Lamb, in whom no fault was found. I saw Him bear His cross, all the way to Calvary, to be offered up, one man for all, once for all.

I saw Him on the Cross, nailed there, accursed, having taken every sin, every fault, every flaw, every failure, every demerit that belonged to me – and every last bit of judgment I deserved. I saw Him bearing my griefs, and carrying my sorrows. I saw Him wounded for my transgressions, and bruised for my iniquities. I saw the chastisement of my peace laid upon Him. I looked, and I saw, how that He who thought no sin, spoke no sin, did no sin, allowed no sin, knew no sin, was made sin – my sin. How, in my place; he was judged and condemned for me; no – as me. I saw him swallow up God’s entire judgment – yet remain alive! I saw the Lamb of God, greater than God’s judgment! And then I saw Him die…

I saw Him laid in the grave, and waited with His disciples those two long, harrowing days and nights, paralyzed by uncertainty and fear. What if this really was the end?

But then, very early that Sunday morning, I was there, in the Spirit beside the grave, and I saw Him rise, triumphant, majestic. “Your debt is forever paid,” He said. “You will never be afraid again.” But that was not all. I looked once more, and I saw Him rise to the skies, the Blood of the New Covenant in His forever nail-pierced hands, Him. “Everything I did as a man, I did for you,” He said. “We are one now, you and I.” Then, for the first time, I looked up, into His face, into His eyes…and I saw, Me.

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