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‘A meal of bread and water in contented peace is better than a banquet spiced with quarrels.’

Provs 17:1 MSG


I look from the cup of Semovita powder to the pot of boiling water to the turning stick. I know I have to gradually add the powder to the boiling water and stir with the turning stick without pausing, right? My phone is in the sitting room, no google or YouTube for me. I mean, it can’t be really difficult. Since I am making for my wife and I, I should add a little more water. I do that promptly. My wife calls out from the sitting room, asking if I need anything.

‘No babe. You just take it easy.’

I begin to add the Semovita. It then hit me. The water stopped boiling immediately I added more water. I should have waited for it to boil again. I see the powder beginning to form lumps as soon as it hits the water. I pick up the turning stick and begin to stir. Too late. I see lumps as big as locust beans. I dump the remainder of the Semovita. Oh God! I got some on my feet. I start stirring with all my might. The pot is burning already. Woah. I reduce the level of the fire. I use my index finger to push the Semo. Hard as rock. I pour more water. I don’t even know what I am doing any more. I stir furiously once more then I set the pot down and cover it. Then, I try to heat up the soup. I clean my sweaty forehead with the inside of my elbows. Whoosh. I mean, when did making Semo become gymnastics?  My wife makes the meanest Efo riro on the planet. At least that will make up for this travesty I prepared.

I take the food to my wife in the sitting room. She looks so round. And cute. I can’t help kissing her on the forehead.

‘Sweaty.’ She murmurs. ‘Deji, I can’t finish this.’

‘Yeah. I will eat what’s left. Plus, you are eating for three.’

She tries to get up. ‘No. No. Tell me what you need.’

She nods. ‘Another plate, so you can cut out mine.’

I get up and return with a plate. I cut out hers. I am tempted to eat while she is eating but I wait for her to finish. I watch her expression as she cuts the first morsel of the Semo. No grimace. No comments. Maybe it isn’t really that bad.

I help her up. She normally takes a walk round the compound immediately after eating. She makes her way to the door. ‘I will be right back.’

I cut a morsel of the Semo. I have no words to utter…



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