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The Woman

Then you must protect me from the foxes, foxes on the prowl, Foxes who would like nothing better than to get into our flowering garden.

songs of solomon 2:15 The Message (MSG)
wonam with spy glass

My body stiffens as my husband comes in. I am saved from any conversation with him by my ringtone.


The bed sinks with his weight. He is a very big man.

‘Yes. This is Mrs Ale – Green.’ My husband’s uneven breathing distracts me.

‘Yes?’ My husband turns his back towards me.

‘Okay. I understand.’ The phone call continues for another two minutes.

I get up from the bed softly. My husband does not stir. I tip toe across the room moving towards the door. The LED light from his phone blinks. I tip toe back to his side of the bed. He stirs. I bite my lower lip in frustration. I stay still for another thirty seconds. I finally decide to retreat. When I get to the door, I change my mind. With all the courage I can muster, I tread softly towards the dresser on his side of the bed. I sweep his phone of the table replacing it with mine.

His eyes fly open. I put his phone under my armpit and pretend to tuck him in. His eyes seem foggy with sleep. I drop a quick kiss on his forehead and on the corner of his mouth. He smiles drowsily back at me and returns to his sleep.

I let out my breath. That was very close. I move to our adjoining bathroom and begin my spy mission. I know my husband’s password. At least, I think I do. Wait a minute. The sly fox changed his password.

Defeated, I find my way to the bedroom only to find my husband sitting up with his arms folded waiting for me.

I hold the phone with my hands in front of me. ‘Dotun, I can explain…’



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