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Ten things I find that I love about you:

1. You are a Jesus Freak: Ha! I had you for one moment there abi? You love God a lot. And there is just a way you revere your service in the house of God. Anytime you have to minister, I can always tell. It’s always like it is your first time.

2. You are non-judgmental: You don’t judge people. I can remember complaining about some people like once or twice, you always tried to justify why they acted the way they did. Always putting yourselves in their shoes. Always saying ‘maybe…’

3. You are very reliable: Yes. I initially put loyal. I think you are friend that sticks regardless. You are just always there. And that’s really rare.

4. You are selfless: I used to hate this one. It was like you just couldn’t say no. You were always helping or assisting someone. Can you remember when I dragged you on my trip to satisfy my Hollandia Yoghurt craving?

5. You wear you heart on your sleeves. Looool. I always know when you like a girl. You are just always by her elbow, as if you are waiting on her. It is adorable. It is easy to interpret your emotions. I don’t know if people will consider this a good thing. For me it is, it means you are not pretentious

6. You can’t sing to save your life. Loool. I always wanted to find someone who croaked when they are supposed to be singing like me. But when I heard you sing, I realised that I am a nightingale.

7. Your jokes are terrible. Loool. I still find you funny though.

8. The man you are becoming. Yeah. I may have not been there all the time. But I knew you then and now. The good has become better and the bad has been supplanted by the good. I am proud of you.

9. Your laughter and your suit/cardigan ensemble. Loool. You laugh like you are about to choke. And the way you wear your suits, right from year one. It’s only you that can pull that off.

10. You are a hugger. Loool. Can you remember the first time Florence made us hug? Loool. It was an awkward hug. You hug everybody (and everything).

I have not been a very good friend to you. And I almost nearly forgot your birthday as usual. I am so sorry. I am glad we are friends. And I pray that you will fulfil God’s plan for your life to the fullest. I wish you love and laughter – lots of both all the days of your life. And I hope you will be able to forgive me if I still forget your birthday next year.
I celebrate you, Boluwaji Osibajo aka (BOTV)



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