New Wig
Here comes a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria


(Sit back, relax, read, share and be blessed).

A lot of people saw my post yesterday, and they were like 12 years to study law?, P’dre what happened? So I decided do a summary version of a post I did last year after my LLB.

I finished secondary school in 2004, I wrote JAMB 5 times, ‘A’Levels and Direct Entry once, got admission 4 times, processed admission in 3 different Universities in Nigeria from 2004 to 2008 just because all I wanted was LAW. This is my passion. It is either Law or nothing.

I got to Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) in 2005 after finishing my SSCE with the 2003/2004 set.

I got admission 4 times to study other courses:(Political Science OOU (I didn’t go for it) Diploma in Law OOU (I did it for less than a session), C.R.S. ILORIN (‘boned’), Political Science again in OOU (I did it for one session, in fact they still have my record there lolz).

All this while I wanted to study law, but law wasn’t forthcoming due to so many reasons like: the dis-accreditation of law in almost all the major universities in southwest then including UI, OAU, OOU, etc., also the universities I put in for law wouldn’t give me despite the fact that I conspicuously qualified for the admission.

When the faculty of Law OOU was finally re-accredited in 2008, I decided to put in for it despite the fact that everybody and everything around me was against that decision, friends called me crazy, mentors called me stupid, colleagues asked what I was looking for up and down. But only God knows my future. So I remained focused and held on. I prayed about it, God asked me to go ahead, I went ahead and I didn’t care about what people had to say. I forged ahead.

I did the JAMB, I scored 256, I did OOU post-UTME, scored 36/50 and my name was released on the merit list through the newspapers then (I don’t know if they still publish admissions in newspapers today).

Though I wasn’t young then having in my sleeves four(4) good years of post secondary school call. Most of my mates in 2008 when I decided to write (my 5th) JAMB for LAW, were already rounding off their different degree programmes in various universities.

However, due to strikes, (ASUU, NASU, SSANU, etc) national, internal and in fact external strikes, my set’s 5 years became 7 years, 2008 – 2015. It was frustrating but we pulled through.

I graduated and passed with a Second (Upper) class (2.1) officially on March 2015.

New Wig

I got admission into the Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus last year, and I graduated with flying colors. I met a lot of wonderful people too.

30th November 2016, my final call to bar. You will agree with me that the journey has been worth it. And God has been my direction.
Now let me tell you what God told me, He said: He intentionally kept me for 5 years in other for me to celebrate for many years to come.

So, my dear, God hasn’t forgotten you, He is on your case. He just wants you to be patient and wait for the appropriate time.

Do not care about what people around you say. Just know what God is saying. Do not allow people to pressure you into giving up on your goal or doing what is wrong. Ask yourself, what does God want for my life?

Do not give up on your goals and vision in life. Do not be discouraged, press forward. You are breaking out in Jesus name. Be inspired.

I hope this helps someone.
God bless you.
Oke Oluwadamilare Esq.

Oke Oluwadamilare, an indigene of Ogun State, is a Lawyer, a Rapper, Motivational Speaker, Activist, Politician, Compere, Mentor and a seasoned Leader. During his undergraduate days, he served in numerous leadership positions – he served as a Senator at the Student Union Government (SUGOOU), General Secretary, Law Student Society (OOU) Electoral Committee, Ag President, National Association of Yewa Awori Students (NAYES OOU), Chancellor, Legal Magnates & Co OOU, etc while also serving as the Pastor/President of Christ Image Assembly (Students Fellowship), and as an Executive Member of the Joint Believers Submit (Jbsummit OOU). While at the Nigeria Law School Abuja Campus (2015/2016 set), he served as the General Secretary Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON) (NLS), Abuja campus and was a Member of the Student Representative Council (SRC) NLS Abuja.
P’dre as he is popularly called, believes that a Christian should be active in politics, Government and Administration in order to establish God in all these places. He has raised (and he is still raising) many young Christian Leaders and pushed them into secular and political leadership to hold the fort for God. He is passionate about God, and he wants to see God established in every level of authority there is.



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