A third time Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”

Peter became sad because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” and so he said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you!”

Jesus said to him, “Take care of my sheep.

John 21:17 Good News Translation (GNT)
book cover

We all have those moments when we think about what’s next for us. And sometimes we question the status quo, like how everybody expects you to get a Masters after the University, or get married at a certain age, or move out of your parents house after some time. And so yes, the next thing may be to get married, but then we want to be very sure that we are not making a mistake. We want to be sure that it is the right time. We want to be sure that we are doing it because we want to and not because it is expected of us.

And I have found myself in that place, and I found myself turning to God and the Bible. At first, I was expecting a clear loud voice to tell me, ‘So, do it in this manner at this time and in this place etc.’ And I was so disappointed when it didn’t happen. But I was learning that my relationship with God needed to move from being ‘all about me’ to ‘what about you, God?’ And Seyi, puts up Francis Chan as his dp on BBM (yes, some of us are still on BBM). Then I am interested in this ‘teacher’. I do some ‘googling’ and I stumble upon the book by Francis Chan, co-authored by Danae Yankoski – Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God. And I am in awe of God. What is this?!

What does it mean when somebody says ‘God loves you?’ Is it some corny line or the truth? And when you accept Jesus as your savior, the presumption is, that line makes sense to you. But what do you do with that love? How do you respond to it? And how does that affect your relationship with others? And in this love relationship, we must go at it with all we have, like the parable of the man who sold his properties to get the field with the priceless treasure. We can’t be in the middle. We can’t say we love God and be concerned with the affairs of the world. We can’t say we love God and treat people nice if they treat us nice. There is no balance, no ‘lukewarm’, we have to be hot. In this book, the authors try to show us what a lukewarm Christian lives like, what a crazy lover of God looks like and then wrap it up with real life examples. And a little warning, it is not like everybody would leave their jobs and go to Africa or sell all they have and live with their parents, no. But at work, in your neighbourhood, in your associations, does this response to God’s love seep into your daily interactions?

That’s about it. Every Christian should read this. We need to ask ourselves if we love God with our lips or with our hearts, mights and souls, for this is the greatest commandment.

john Olisa tocukwu

2016 has been an amazing year for me. And I am grateful I met John Olisa Tochukwu, a man who is so crazy about God, that if you leave him in a field with just grasses, he will preach to them about Jesus. Yesterday was his birthday. This is coming too late. I celebrate you John, but God is very proud of you. You have been a light to both believers and non believers alike. Why am I talking about John in this post? You know how you are in love with someone, and everybody knows because you don’t hide it? I used to feel very uncomfortable about God and Jesus and my faith because I was already weird – a nerd. Then add Jesus freak to the mix, not too good – perfect recipe for ‘unpopular’. I didn’t understand at all. But I met John John, and he was so at ease with his faith. He was real. And God reached out to me. He didn’t give up on me. And these days, I find myself wanting to shout from the rooftop that I love Jesus so much that my heart can’t literally contain it. And I find that I want to talk about Him and learn so much. That’s why I am so grateful to God for this book and Francis Chan, and John. I pray that every time people hear about you, John, they have no other choice but to conclude that God exists, and He is perfect.

Happy belated birthday to Miss Shioze of the TLC, and Happy birthday to Lizzie aka General aka Elizabeth Abubakar also of the TLC – amazing women with pulchritude and character. God bless you mightily and use you for His Glory. (Amen)

This was quite long, thank you for reading till the end!



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  1. I am blessed to have stumbled on this Ay. I have seen a bit on ur status and dp but never had an idea what it is. God bless you for ur boldness and keep you in the faith in Jesus name.

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  2. Awesome. I can’t say, but the questions posed in this post are the questions that move us from lukewarmness to hot, if we really desire scriptural answers.

    This is a wonderful piece, and a glorious reminder.

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  3. Thank you so much, I fight back the tears in my eye. God has been so wonderful and each time my birthday pops up, i remember I am “God’s love”. God bless you Aishata. God bless John for letting Him use him to make you comfy about your faith.


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