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I cried to you for help, O Lord my God, and you healed me;

Psalm 30:2 Good News Translation (GNT)
cartoons happy ending

It’s been three weeks. We have shuffled between the hospital and the police station. Thank God for the medical reports. It’s been difficult keeping it out of the media, but we were able to call in all the favours we had. As much as I would like to see Bosun destroyed, I am more concerned about Baby’s sanity and keeping my family together. The plan is to get Baby into therapy. Leke and I are also undergoing counseling. I am so hopeful that we will get through this. We don’t exactly have a choice?

I miss Tessy. I miss her a lot, but she is Bosun’s wife. It won’t be good to have her around. Plus, she can’t believe I reported Bosun to the police. Everytime I replay our last conversation in my head, I die a little. I have been such a terrible friend. She was suffering, and I had been oblivious to it.

‘You are so bold! How dare you accuse my husband of such a thing!’ Tessy ranted, wagging her finger in my face. I tried to calm her down. She wouldn’t listen.

‘You embarrassed my family. Our friendship doesn’t mean anything to you? What about my children? Wh..’

‘Tessy’, I interrupted her. ‘Bosun is Leke’s best friend.’

She began to cry. ‘Bosun is a lot of things, but he wouldn’t touch Baby. I can stake my life on that!’

I didn’t like where this was leading. A lot of things like what?

‘Baby has herpes.’ Tessy went still. It all started to make sense.

I put my hands on my head. ‘Oh My God! You have herpes too!’

From the corner of my eye, I catch some form of movement. I turn around to see Baby. I blow her a kiss, but she just nods in return, with a grimace – which I think ought to have been a smile.

‘Where is your Daddy?’

She turns her head in the opposite direction. I figure she means he is outside.

‘Are you ready?’ Hopefully, this would be our last visit to the hospital with regards to this matter. I grab my purse and we go to join Leke. Leke kisses me on the mouth. That’s a good sign. Some days, he is so moody. I have my moments too. But I think of Baby and I just try. She shouldn’t have gone through this at all. I say a quick prayer of thanksgiving to God. We are going to be fine. I look at Baby and she makes a face. I squeeze my forehead in worry. Leke notices this. He nods at Baby, ‘You doing okay?’

She nods her head, and lets out a small, ‘no’.

He smiles at her. ‘Good thing we are going to the hospital. You will be fine, okay?’

She smiles back. I release my breath. It will soon be over.

The doctor is at the reception when we get to the hospital. He hands over Baby to a nurse and assures her we will be with her in a short while before leading us to his office. He asks us to seat. He sits and clasps his hands on his desk. He says nothing for the next five minutes.

‘Mr and Mrs Majekodunmi?’

We lean forward simultaneously.

‘Baby. She is ten right.’

I nod. I try not to be irritated. I thought stuff like this would be in her file. ‘She will be ten in some weeks’

My husband folds his arms across his chest.

‘And she has never menstruated?’

‘Yeah.’ I shrug my shoulders. ‘Is that something to worry about?’

The doctor wrings his fingers.

‘She was ovulating at the time she was raped.’

Everything goes black.



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