Hastily pushing down the last morsel through his oral orifice.
He storms out towards the noise of his friends.
His mother’s voice echoed after him,with words that sounded like “be careful”
His worn out clothes hanging loose on his shoulder as he ran.
Exposing much of his flesh to the scorching sun.
Mama won’t allow him play with shoes on.
Oblivious of the fact that he has none.
Between his teeth,he holds those innocent smiles of a child,smiles that transcends life’s vanity.

Master of his own world,where he has all the time,but not a second to spare on frivolities.
Trapped in the woods of his own thoughts.
A lush forest with Iroko tall dreams.
Adorned here and there with beautiful flowers of hope.
The whispers of the breeze through the woods seems to announce the presence of royalty.
Trees bow sideways in uniformity.
Shedding their leaves at his feet.
He is snapped back to reality by the thundering in the clouds.
Dark clouds and cold winds draw the curtain for the day’s fun.
Climaxed by the singing of unclad children.
Stripping down as he feels the first drop of water.
His boyish manhood retracting into a sheath of skin,away from the looming cold.
He is undaunted by the body shrieking cold.
Mama is waiting at home to rub him down with greasy palms.
Cuddled up in her bosom
Shielded by her sacred love.
His eyes shut in deep sleep.
Awaiting a new day for hype dreams.

Now he is grown.
Standing in front of a mirror.
He sees a man.
A man withered by life’s stormy weather.
Shattered hearts,not by the love of a mother.
Dreams are dotted with maybes
Hopes are for those in the cradles.
He manages a smirk through his mane-like beards.
He couldn’t help but wonder
What a vicious beast he has become.


Chinonso is a professional programmer, amateur psychologist, an afrocentric humanist, and a  military enthusiast. When not staring at a computer screen, he is wasting his time on the keyboard  just writing something or hoping to produce a meaningful sound. He is on instagram and can be reached via his BBM on D627015B



A world changer who tells the stories that deserve to be told. Fiction may sometimes be real.

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