At the Banquet,

I find my way towards the table

One foot after the other

The ball of my gown

Gathered in my fists

In my head,

I hear my instructors,

‘toes first, an inch away from your gown

‘eyes next, followed by your neck and chin

‘at right angle’

I take a deep breath

I think I am doing great.

Except for my now wavering smile,

I take a moment to catch my breath

And display my dazzling teeth one more time



At the Table,

All eyes are on me

I fold my shaky hands

Demurely on my lap

Savouring the attention

‘she is the one’

‘our heroine’

‘it’s an honour to meet you’

‘I am so proud of you’

I respond like I have been taught

‘Thank you.’

‘I have had great teachers’

‘Glory to God’

My shoulders are erect,

And my head held high



On the Street,

The queue is never-ending

Looks like a maze

I hear a few whispers

‘That’s she!’

A smile there, a hug here

‘Come join us!’

Still at the tail of the queue

Finally, I get to the building,

One foot in

‘Yes? Can I help you?’

Two feet in, I take a seat

I even talk about who I am

‘Sorry, I can’t help you.’

Dejected, I find my way back




A world changer who tells the stories that deserve to be told. Fiction may sometimes be real.

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