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How is the court attachment going? By way of unsolicited advice, I am sure you are very tempted to ‘stab’ court sessions and use the time to read. Walk away from that temptation. The Director-General told us then, and our MCQs confirmed it, that the majority of your MCQ questions would be based on the procedure and practice you would be exposed to both in court and in your chambers. So pay attention, ask your judges questions, stay in court and watch proceedings, and interact with your colleagues. That’s one easy way to learn what the other campuses have been taught where there are conflicting positions.

That said, if it doesn’t work for you, please feel free to follow your instincts. The testimony series is still on and running. However, this particular episode is in response to one of the most recurring questions I have received. You want to know what the prizes are. I understand that some of us write down our goals or have vision boards and we want to look at it from time to time to be energized. I get that. And this is my response.

Each of the courses has the first, second, and third prizes for the first three overall best students. However, last year, the prize for the overall best student in Corporate Practice and Criminal litigation i.e the first prize in both courses had two donors so the prize winners had two prizes each by virtue being the overall best. The point to be made here is that the donors of prizes are not fixed.  There may be more than one or it may even be sponsored by a person or association different from the donor of the previous year. In addition to these prizes, we have the prize for the Best Graduating Student (BGS) or Best Student of the year or the Overall Best Student, then the Second Overall best Student and the Third Overall best Student. Again, last year, Stephenson Harwood donated a six-week internship prize for the BGS. I don’t know if it is just once, or it is something that will be continued. So the donors may also change, as well as the nature of the prize, but that’s the title. Some of the prizes are gender based – Best Overall Male, Best Overall Female (either of which would go to the BGS depending on his/her gender; Best Female Student in Criminal Litigation, Best Female Student in Civil Litigation, Best Female Student in Civil and Criminal Litigation. These categories may be changed, but this was based on the prizes of the 2015/2016 call session award ceremony.

The Council of Legal Education Star Prize goes to the BGS. All first class students receive the DG’s prize for first class students, and there is a Special Prize for the best Special Student.

The prizes would usually be law text (s) or journal(s) and/or some sums of money. There is the possibility of internship and/or employment opportunities. But like I have tried to explain, it would ultimately depend on the donors of the prizes. Did you just ask how much the money is? Well, there is only one way to find out. Just make sure you win a prize.

Remarkably, you could emerge as one of the overall best students in a course and yet not make a first class. It is very possible. Some first class students don’t get prizes in individual courses too. What do you want? In conjunction with the MCQ App, I will be bringing you the stories of these prizewinners. They may not have made first classes but they are still primus inter pares. I hope you find their stories inspiring and I hope that you learn from them as well.

That’s it from me. I like to keep it short because I understand what it means to have volumes to read and revise. I don’t want to add to that. Please, feel free to ask me any question – in the comment section, my linked in, on Facebook, slide into my dms on twitter and do me an email – I must also say that even if it takes a few days, I assure you that your inquiries will be attended to. Apart from me, the first class students, now lawyers, also had their emails in their stories, so engage them. They shared their stories because they want to help you avoid their mistakes. Engage them. Again, Engage them. I can’t overemphasize this. Engage them.

Have an amazing externship.

Warm Regards,

Ekate Hunter.

P.S New episodes of #MyBarFinalsTestimony series are uploaded on every Saturday.



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