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The MCQ App
The MCQ App

The Nigerian Law School is responsible for training of law graduates within and outside Nigeria, who upon meeting several requirements, inclusive of passing the Bar Finals Examinations will be called to bar.

In order to improve upon the success rate at the Bar Examinations, the MCQ App was created. Below are its outstanding features:

1. First of its kind: The MCQ App is the first Legal App in Nigeria comprising questions similar to those that might be set in the Bar Final Examinations. It is a compendium of over 700 questions, broken down into over 120 questions for each of the 5 courses offered in the Nigerian Law School.

2. Top notch questions: The questions are set by the best of brains in the Bar Finals Examinations, who all made First Class, one of whom also was the Overall Best Student in the 2015/2016 set.


3. Easy accessibility: The MCQ App being an electronic product provides easy accessibility to quality questions. It saves you the stress of having to carry about note books and question papers. With a click of a button, you enjoy automatic access to these splendid questions. You need not have internet access to use it. Once you download the app,you can use whether or not you are online.

4. Effective and efficient time management: It is common knowledge that SPEED and ACCURACY are keys to success in the Multiple Choice Questions in the Bar Finals Examinations. With the MCQ App, you can choose the number of questions you’d like to practice, as well as the number of hours or minutes you’d like to use. For instance, at the end of a practice test, the App will notify you about how long you spent. Not only that, it goes further to calculate the average number of seconds you spend in answering each of the questions. You can easily track improvement in your speed over time.

5. Superb Marking Scheme: Upon completion of a practice test,the MCQ App does not only give you the correct answers, in some instances, it gives explanations, as well as judicial and statutory authorities to back up the answers.

The MCQ App

6. Feedback and Record Keeping: Your satisfaction and success is the ultimate aim. You get to give feedback on the MCQ App, which can help improve the MCQ App in subsequent editions. You can also have a record of scores, which shows you your performance for each time you attempt questions with the MCQ APP, in the ‘Result history’ section. Furthermore, you can rate the app in the ‘Rate us’ section,and also create your personal profile.


In conclusion, the MCQ App is a revolutionary product created to make you graduate from the Law School with flying colours, and also to achieve such feat with relative ease. Get the app today, and and cruise your way to success.

* The MCQ App is created by Olisa John Tochukwu, Ashiata Ayodele Kadiri, Onakoya Oludare, Ivongbe Precious Eki. HOWEVER, IT HAS NO AFFILIATION WHATSOEVER WITH THE NIGERIAN LAW SCHOOL OR THE COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION.

** The MCQ App is not free. It can be downloaded for free but you would require the sum of #1, 500 to buy the Activation Key.

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      1. I don’t understand how the payment work, there is no option for the mcq activation key. Just UTME and some other unrelated things

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      2. Hello Kenny,

        Please hold on, while I put together a very uncomplicated list of the steps for making payments. I can assure you that the whole process has been made so that payment is done seamlessly.

        Thank you for your patience.


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