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This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

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He relaxed in the driver’s seat as he waited for her to carry on with her shopping for a new dress. If she shopped like the women he knew, she would definitely be late for her meeting. He was just beginning to drift to sleep when some scratch at the door interrupted him. What now? He relaxed a bit when he discovered that she was back. And she had changed clothes already. At least, he had made up for letting her stay in the rain longer than she should have by letting her take the umbrella in his car. It was still drizzling. Today looked like a very wet day, and his subsequent riders would be in need of the umbrella. He wasn’t one to gamble but he was willing to bet that for every two rider that had an umbrella, one other rider would either forget their umbrella or assume that the rain would remain a light drizzle. He signed resignedly. That one rider would be really disappointed today as he had no umbrella for him. Or her.

She must have read his thoughts. ‘Oh! And thank you so much. I bought an umbrella for myself.’ She then waved his umbrella at an angle at which he could see it from his front seat and made a show of dropping in the boot. ‘What do you think about the outfit?’

He averted his gaze and cleared his throat. ‘You look perfect ma’am.’

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. ‘You think so? Thank you.’ She continued, ‘how many more minutes before we arrive?’

 ‘The map says ten. I believe you will be there just in time for the meeting. At least, there is no serious traffic congestion in spite of the rain.’

 ‘Hold-up, you mean?’ They both chuckled. ‘Yeah.’

‘Look, I am sorry I yelled at you earlier. I was wrong to have done that.’

He nodded graciously. ‘No problem, ma’am.’

He watched her from his front mirror as she placed her hand on her chest and closed her eyes. It didn’t turn out badly after all. Thank God he didn’t over react. Maybe she would rate him highly after this. He smacked his lips in delight. He cleared his throat.

‘We are here, ma’am.’

Her eyes flew open. She took a deep breath. ‘This is really it.’ She looked at the driver’s seat but he had already thrown his door open. What was he doing? He came round to open the door for her. He put out his hand. ‘Your umbrella, ma’am?’ She shook her head. He pointed at the other seat. ‘Look there, you left your purse.’ Once he successfully distracted her, he grabbed her umbrella and opened it up. He stood there in the rain holding the umbrella for her with twinkling eyes. ‘We wouldn’t want you to get wet.’ He put out his hand and helped her out of the car, holding the umbrella over her with his left hand the whole time.

She lowered her eyes. His attention made her uncomfortable. Like, he was standing in the rain holding an umbrella over her. What was she supposed to be doing? She cleared her throat.

‘So, there is this errr…well, so we have this… okay’, she took a deep breath, ‘I am just wondering if you would like to hang out one of these days. You know, maybe ice cream, or pizza or…’ she pulled out her card from her bag and looked up at him. He stood too still. It was when his left hand twitched that she saw the glint of gold on the ring finger of his left hand and she understood why.

She raised her right hand, with the card between her index and middle finger, quickly. ‘Honestly, I didn’t know. Again, I am sorry.’ She pointed towards his left hand. ‘I think this is where I take the umbrella from you.’

He gave her a self conscious smile before he deftly took her card. ‘I will send you a follow-up text message. I hope you give me a call when you need a driver who lacks common sense.’ They both laughed.

 ‘Thank you for making this less awkward.’ He let her take the umbrella from him.

He turned towards the car. ‘Don’t forget to rate me. And, God’s favour in the meeting!’

He saw her in his mirror watching him drive off. Today may have started badly, but it didn’t mean it would end up that way. He put on his seat belt and accepted the next request. It is a day the Lord has made, who was he not to rejoice and be glad in it?



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