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Don’t lie to each other, for you have stripped off your old sinful nature and all its wicked deeds.

“You are late.”

She was propped against the pillow with folded arms. She took a deep breath.”I need to have a pleasant disposition so that Junior is not born grumpy’. She patted her swollen tummy lovingly. He stood at the foot of the bed. She pulled off her spectacles and placed them on the dresser. “I suppose you came home around this time yesterday. I replied my last chat at 10.48pm. It is 11.45pm now. I started watching Tangled around 11.00pm yesterday night. I remember you carrying me of to bed”. He grunted in response.

She sighed. “You came back later?” She stretched her arms. “Come here.” She gave him a hug and patted his back gently. “I love your big head.” He tickled her playfully and pulled her up from the bed. “I love you too.” She pulled away from him and dragged herself towards the wardrobe. She pulled out a towel and threw it at him. She nodded in the direction of the bathroom. “Now.” He went to take his bath, and she picked out his pyjamas and laid it on his side of the bed. She fluffed her pillow and dove under the duvet. She felt him slip in beside her.

‘How was work?’ She moved closer to him. He let her rest her head in the crook of his elbow.

‘Great.’ She pulled at his facial hair. “I don’t know what to think about this your hashtag beard gang.’ He chuckled. ‘I am tempted to give a testimony in church’. He wrinkled his forehead. ‘Okay?’

She puckered her lips. He kissed her. She smiled. ‘So, I ran into Edward and Abbey the other day at the supermarket. So I was berating them for not coming over for dinner on Sundays like when they were still at your office. And it just occurred to me that Edward was top management and he was laid off after the acquisition of your company by that investor guy, but somehow, God still saw to it that they retained you. Maybe with a smaller bonus. I am still thankful. We could be in a worse place right now.’ She brought his hand to her lips. ‘So, what do you think?’

He said nothing. She prodded him. He stirred. ‘I am sorry. I zoned out for a moment.’ She sighed. ‘You slept on me. The testimony?’ ‘Yeah. Give me some time. I would like to think about it some more. ‘ ‘Okay.’

She threw her arms around him. ‘Goodnight.’ He kissed her temple. ‘Goodnight.’ He was in a lot of trouble. He had pretended to have slept off but how much longer would he hide? He had to reduce the late night rides, but what would happen to their income. She had fallen asleep already. He dropped her arm gently on the bed and got up. Sleep had gone as quickly as it had come. What was he going to do?




A world changer who tells the stories that deserve to be told. Fiction may sometimes be real.

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