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I just felt like saying that.

So, I am done with my first Man Booker Prizer for 2019 – “The Sea, the Sea”. This book was written by Iris Murdoch and won the Booker Prize in 1978. Irish Murdoch has been identified as one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945. I had not heard of her or read any of her works until I selected this book as my fiction choice for the first quarter of 2019.

I was terribly disappointed when I started reading the book. I quickly concluded that I had made a wrong choice. I have never been happier to have jumped into conclusion in my life before.  It actually did get better after the first 100 pages. As always, I am not inclined to give spoilers. Continue reading “A REVIEW OF IRIS MURDOCH’S “THE SEA, THE SEA””


#DearAspiranttotheBar, “A First Class Degree from the Law School is attainable.”

#MyBarFinalsTestimony is brought to you by the MCQ APP in conjunction with Ekaete Hunter. 

Name: Edidiong Ibanga Udofia

Campus: Abuja Campus (First Class), Director General’s Prize for First Class Students

University: University of Nigeria, Nsukka,  Second Class Upper, Award of Excellence and Outstanding Leadership from Shekinah Assembly

About: Edidiong Udofia is highly self motivated with a personal bias for Politics and Entrepreneurship. Generally interested in Law specifically Energy Law and Environmental Law and Policy. She is a good team player whose core values include but are not limited to diligence, commitment, excellence and the ability to multi task. She is also a diligent learner with a well-built capacity to stretch beyond her limit. She can be reached at 

Edidiong Udofia in her wig and gown
Source: Edidiong Udofia

I’d love to start by saying that a First Class Degree from the Law School is attainable. Reason: I didn’t set out to make a First Class Degree from the law school, but look who made a First Class (just by GRACE). As I would tell my friends, I only just wanted to pass and go on with my life. After my externship programme, I decided that I needed a First Class and I started working in that direction.

I can’t exactly say I had any strategies, I always tell anyone who cares to listen that my grade from the Law School is purely GRACE. However, I made sure I read every morning before going for my lectures (and oh, I definitely had my lazy days when I wouldn’t as much as move a muscle in the direction of my books). After the classes, I reviewed what was taught together with my reading materials. Continue reading “#DearAspiranttotheBar, “A First Class Degree from the Law School is attainable.””




Oluwamayowa Akinyemi


Hi there. As at the time I typed the first word in this piece, I didn’t know what I was writing on. I did not know, say, if it would make sense or if people would like it. You know, the kind of stuff that kills the truth all in the name of “decorum”. But then, it suddenly re-occured to me, when have I really been one to consider so many factors before writing out my mind. I always write it exactly as I think it – unfiltered and uncensored – devoid of any devices with which most others would blot out some things in order to give you a ” good read “. I’m sorry oh, I’m not writing to amuse anyone. My aim is to put the truth directly in the spotlight so everyone can see it for what it is. Most editors won’t take my work because it’s too raw, and I’m ” always angry”. Lol, Camoquin is bitter but it’s your best treatment for malaria, so it’s either you take it or you stay ill.

Let’s talk about our society. I’m talking about Nigeria now. Let us try to take our minds through the latest trends around. We’re continually becoming decadent in our “culture”, all in the name of wanting to “belong”. That inferiority complex mentality of “I no fit carry last” is exactly the reason that the lot of us are “carrying last”. A man gets employed somewhere, and because he wants to impress his wife, neighbours, and village people, he throws a lavish party to celebrate. Everyone comes, they eat, they drink, they go. And he’s left in debt. Such a man would not hesitate to take a large loan to throw a big funeral for his father, should that father die.  A man who is spending beyond his means. He is also living in constant debt. Let’s be honest, how is such a man going to prosper? Can he leave a good enough inheritance for his children? The Bible says that a good man leaves an inheritance even for his children’s children. This implies that if and when you fail to do this, you’re a bad person. A fool. Yes, I said it. But then, this is the story of most of our lives. We’re living beyond our means just so we don’t appear to be ” below standard”. Little do we know.

And then, I nearly forgot, there’s the issue of this election season we’re in. And no, I’m not here to express my fears that Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s picture will soon be a regular feature on bread wrappers and recharge cards. It is really about all of these people who have come again oh. I am talking about the ruling party, the opposition party, and the end-of-year parties. They’ve all presented candidates across the platforms of the country’s political spectrum. Everyone is “making mouth”, throwing shades, delivering sweet speeches riddled with bogus plans and unfeasible ideas. Nobody’s talking about the important things. Nobody (except a woman named Oby) is talking about the Chibok girls, and the last Dapchi girl. Nobody’s talking about the havoc that the “area boys” are wreaking in Lagos because one Oluomo got stabbed. Nobody’s talking about ASUU, the super strikers of “Shithole FC”. Nobody. All we, I actually, have been hearing is that they should “fix light”; they should fix the roads; we should export clothes; we should do this and that; but we’re leaving out the most important aspects of a successful society like education!!! Like my people will say, “ko buru”. We will all soon see the end of these things. Very soon.




*Oluwamayowa Akinyemi is a 500 level law student of the University of Lagos. The first of three children. A god. Also known as “Ignis” (Latin for “light”). A multifaceted artist with interests ranging from filmmaking to writing and public speaking. His works are mainly satirical in nature and revolve around trends in global and public affairs with a view to enlightening people on the downsides to said trends and how they can be corrected. Ignis is an introverted extrovert with a reserved personality and a tendency to talk a lot.



“My experience in traditional firms is that anything new is seen as innovative, and the people assigned to it, like any parent, become irrationally passionate about the project and refuse to acknowledge just how stupid and ugly your little project has become.” 

Scott Galloway in the “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google”

I am so glad that I read this book in the first month of this year. All I can say is “woah!” “woah!” “woah!” Scott Galloway predicted that Amazon will be the first trillion dollar company, of the four. Well, Apple hit the one trillion dollar valuation before Amazon and Amazon’s trillion dollar valuation was quite short-lived. Nobody also saw Jeff Bezos’ divorce coming but it seems that the divorce has not had any impact on Amazon’s valuation.

the four horsemen
The Four Horsemen of the APocalypse or not? Surce:

Scott Galloway, in this book, looks at these four companies – Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google and dissects them. He looks at what gives each of the companies an edge, the problems their “disruption” poses, and what average Johns and Janes like you and me can do to stay relevant, or words to that effect, in these turbulent time. As always, I try to avoid spoilers.

Amazon’s is causing a lot of disruption in the retail business. What Amazon has learnt to do is to use the online space and technology supported warehouses to do what traditional retailers are unable to do. Amazon has simply been able to do more for less – controls its storage, competes with other retailers on its platform at its lower price, controls its own delivery. It is also delving into a lot of other things to keep its cost at the barest minimum. It is difficult to remember that Amazon began supposedly as a book store.

Scott Galloway posits that Apple’s strength is its ability to sell as a luxury product. I mean, in Nigeria, Apple products are a status symbol. I just never thought that it was obtainable elsewhere. Maybe Apple indeed has superior technology. Maybe. Scott does not have a lot of nice things to say about Steve Jobs, but he thinks that Apple is the most likely to continue its domination because of its luxury appeal.

Facebook has a lot of data. We know that data is the new oil. Facebook’s advantage – it is not paying for that data, it is receiving all of it for free.  Facebook is a prime platform to push products out there. Scott Galloway talks about how newspapers were slowly losing their revenues and crowds to Facebook. he talks about his time on the board of New York Times and you get the feeling he feels bad about how all of it turned out.

Finally, Google. Google’s search engine was a revolution. According to Scott Galloway, its major appeal is its very “not complex” interface, just a simple search bar. Google is not resting on its oars, it has come up with other innovative ideas such as the Google class, and its is not doing badly with its android technology either.

Scott Galloway worries that the Four are in the long run bad for jobs and the people – they disregard establishments, avoid taxes, and have caused the loss of million of jobs. It is inevitable, because technology enable us to do more with less. What does this mean for the average Johns and Janes? Getting an education, following talent and not passion, and promoting yourself (working hard too).

Some of the companies identifed by Scott Galloway as giving the Four a run for their money include, Uber, Microsoft, and Tesla. It is a good read and it helps put the impact of the internet and the increasing global connectivity in perspective.

I totally enjoyed it. Scott Galloway clearly knows his stuff, and put a lot of work into making it very easy to understand. I think everyone should read this. The activities of these companies affect us one way or the other.

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Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.

Jeremiah 17:14

Source: Pininterest

He felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. He could not bring himself to come out of the car. That sense of urgency that he felt lingered, although it was not as strong as before.

He was able to speak to the doctor. She had been stabilized. Both mother and baby were doing okay. He could wait with her, but she could start receiving visitors the next day. He went to the reception to wait for Eddie and Abbey. Eddie held him while he wept like a baby. Abbey cried as well. She also handed him some tissues.

“We are just really glad that both they are doing okay.”

He nodded. “I have not been able to see her though. I will see her later today but you guys will come back tomorrow?”

Eddie and Abbey exchanged looks. “Definitely.” Abbey took his hand, “we know very well that you want to talk to her privately, but we think that our being here may also help in that we can convince her to reason with you.” Continue reading “CAB 20 — THE END”