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I wake up with a huge grin on my face. I am sooo happy to be alive. First, it is roughly 24 hours to my birthday. Second, today is the end of Project Aisle and I am no longer under any pressure to chase Bukky. Third, I get to finish the devotional. It has been 31 days where I have been nourished intellectually and spiritually. Fourth, I get to start work transitioning from an administrative/support staff to an actual consultant. DD said management was thinking of doing a graduate trainee thing. Although I was technically not a graduate trainee, he used the work I did with that client to make a case for me before management and they were happy to give it a try. There was no pressure, if I didn’t transition well, I could stay in my admin role as an executive assistant, and we could explore other options in future. Fifth, I am alive, I am healthy, I am a woman loved by God and saved by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross! What a great day to be aliveeeeee!

I jump out of bed and fall to my knees. God has been so faithful. This would be my last day as a twenty-five year old. I am so grateful to God. Look at how far I have come! My life is not perfect, at all. However, I know where I am coming from!

Lessons from the Book of Esther: Wooing Royalty

Day 31

Write it Down!

Esther 9:20-32; Esther 10

It is important to keep records. As they once said on the streets of Twitter, “show receipts”. Accounts of Mordecai’s greatness were recorded. Similarly, the two days set aside to protect the Jews from extermination were recorded for future annual celebrations as the Festival of Purim. The practices of purim were confirmed by Queen Esther and written in the record. It is also noted  the Jews agreed to inaugurate the tradition of the purim and pass it on to their descendants. It was too pivotal a moment not to be shared with future generations. 

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DAY 30


One more day before the end of Project Aisle. I should do some evaluations. What worked? What did not work? I should do a table on the actual last day, which would be tomorrow. Or should I just do that now knowing very well that nothing would be happening tomorrow.  A lot is happening today. Today, I am having the discussion with DD on what I think the future holds for me. I think I am fairly prepared for that. Am I? I chuckle as I apply toothpaste on my toothbrush. I think about the past twenty-nine days as I brush. What could I have done differently? I think I did not do badly considering the fact that Bukky’s non-availability was not deliberate. Or was it? What if he suspected that I had additional reasons to be close to him and cooked up a transaction to stay away from me? Well, that is a possibility, but it is far-fetched. He would have avoided me simply by coming to the bus stop at a much later time. He started coming to the bus stop early because of the transaction. I also did not always take the first bus. It was because I needed to use the devotional that I decided to get to work earlier than necessary. What about Lekki? He could have gone to Lekki without telling me. Also, he was the one who suggested that I wake him up. Again, he even volunteered to go to the orphanage with me in the future. Why would he do all of that if he was trying to avoid me? 

I spit out the foam of the toothpaste in my mouth and rinse my toothbrush. Or perhaps he was not avoiding me. Perhaps he was just playing along so I could think I was making progress. That would be really painful. I shake my head. That was thinking evil of somebody else for no good reason. Bukky may have a lot of faults (even if I never found them out) but I do not think any of them warrants me coming to the conclusion that he was scheming. 

I shrug out of my night dress and wrap my towel around me. I look at my phone and decide whether to call Deji or not. I need to let him know that I am not going to marry him. I am not blind to what was happening between him and  Tito. They just have a natural compability thing going on for them. I was just sad that I did not introduce them to each other early enough. I send him a whatsapp chat. 

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DAY 29

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Lessons from the Book of Esther: Wooing Royalty

Day 29

The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them

Esther 9:7-10; 13-14

In Nigeria, the phenomenon of “generational curses” is quite popular. The belief is that a person is suffering from adverse effect as a result of some curse traceable to the person’s parents or ancestors. Basically, a person is being punished for an offence that an ancestor (whom he has probably never met) committed. 

The argument often is that if you are really and truly born again you should not be subject to such curses because Christ’s death redeemed us from such arrangements. This is, however, not always the case. A Christian who has no knowledge, or does not understand, that the he/she is in principle removed from such arrangements may erroneously labour under this belief while doing the same.

What this shows us is that actions have consequences, that would usually outlive us. This was the case for Haman. Long after he had died, his sons were killed just because they were related to him. Then, there was a specific request for them to be impaled even though they had been killed already. It was a horrible way to die that was clearly triggered by their father, Haman. 

What does this tell us? It is important for us to play the long-term game. It would be rather unfortunate for one’s children and/or grandchildren to have their life cut-off for what they know nothing about.  

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DAY 28

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I still have not heard from Bukky so I am assuming that he is really swamped at work. I suppose he is still in Lekki. I have my earpiece in my ear as I walk down the road. The volume is quite low so I am well aware of my surroundings. It is still early morning and the road is yet to get very busy. A man walking towards me, shakes his head, as he motions for me to move closer to the sidewalk to let a motorcycle pass. As he gets to my side, he says, “I pity you. You are blocking your ears on the main road.” Ordinarily, I would have gotten upset. Now, I understand that he is just looking out for me. He must have assumed that I am not conscious of my immediate environment.

The rest of my walk to the bus stop is uneventful. However, the bus arrives late. Everybody’s patience has worn thin and there is a scuffle as passengers rush to get on the bus. I do not have it in me to struggle with anyone so I decide to watch the scene unfolding before me closely. I need to get on the first bus. Going by the time the first bus arrived, if I wait for the second bus, I would be in the office just before resumption time and I will have to rush through the devotional. That is not pleasant at all. I do not want any of that. I move closer to the bus to see whether I have any chance of getting on the bus. The bus is full. At best, there is space for one more person. There are two women struggling to enter into the bus. I see my chance when one of them stumbles and drags the other with her away from the entrance of the bus. I hop into the bus and stay behind the door so that they do not drag me back outside. The driver laughs heartily and closes the door. The women are now glaring at me. I lower my face mask and tell the driver that I am grateful he closed the door quickly. The other passengers are laughing. Well, if only they knew what was at stake. 

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DAY 27

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Honestly, I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I tossed and turned all night. I can’t tell if I was praying or worrying. All I know is I kept thinking of my looming conversation with DD. I tap my forehead with my left index finger and my middle finger. 

Bukky did not respond to my chat all day yesterday. I am assuming that he is still at Lekki so I will not call him. A message from Tito comes in.

How far?

I guess she was also swamped yesterday.

My phone rings. It is Tito.

I do not let her speak. “Tito, please pray for me.”

Tito sighs. “I will. This is more than the conversation with DD, is it not?”

I say nothing. 

“Be upfront with him.”

“I should tell him that I would leave Unicorn Consulting to sell food?”

Tito chuckles. “Haba, now. You said it yourself that your focus is about the quality of service and the experience of your customers.”

“I will still be selling food.”

“Okay. Tell him the truth. Remember this Esther devotional. I think there was one last week about – it is not what you want to say but how you say it.”

“Hmm. Do you think I should do a table or a list?”

Tito laughs. “At this rate, you would turn yourself into a table.”

“What do you think he wants to hear?”

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