Over the years, a lot of apartments have been developed to suit the needs of the prospective students in the Nigeria Law School, Abuja.

However, Luxury Apartments is a newly built Mini Duplex (serviced apartment) with style for VIP and Classy prospective (Bar I and Bar II) students with the aim of providing efficient services and comfort.

The proximity to the campus is a 5-minute walk (sharing the same fence with Nigeria Law School, Abuja).

For Enquires, please call 07039807585; 07036246858; 08092158878



Name: Joseph Jagunmolu Ogunmodede

Campus: Lagos Campus (First Class), Director General’s Prize for First Class Students

University: University of Ibadan (First Class) Best Graduating Law Student/Valedictorian

About: Joseph is a double first class lawyer, a Chartered Mediator and the Founder/CEO of THE LEGAL DIARY. Joseph’s commitment to society and legal development has seen him raking in many notable awards. Some of which include A.G Leventis Scholar; Best Graduating Law Student from the University of Ibadan;  First Valedictorian from the Faculty of Law since the inception of the University of Ibadan; Director-General’s Prize for First Class in Nigerian Law School amongst many others. Joseph’s blog, is an online platform committed to legal literacy and public enlightment. The blog currently has over 80 articles from different contributors. Joseph is currently an Associate at Udo Udoma and Belo-Osagie, Lagos where he combines both Corporate Law Practice and Dispute Resolution. Joseph can be reached on

Joseph Ogunmodede
Source: Joseph Jagunmolu Ogunmodede

Law school is indeed a land of opportunities. Even though it had its own challenges, it is really a fun place to be. I was in Lagos Campus, by the way and I’m sure many of us have heard various funny things about Lagos. I started purging from the day after my arrival at Law School and I experienced one form of illness or the other- typhoid, malaria, bronchitis etc. However, it was interesting because I learnt new thing and it made me stronger. I also met new friends many of whom were of like minds; we shared ideas, prayed together, encouraged each other and discussed future plans. It was really stressful for me and I had to read as if I never read before. I slept with guilt every night because of the thoughts that I should be reading instead of sleeping. Our lecturers were also wonderful and had their peculiar funny characters which also made Law School fun. In short, my Law School was a combination of ups and downs but it is usually worth it at the end if one puts the required effort. Bar Finals for me was the easiest exam I ever wrote! I wish our University examinations were like that. It was simple and straight to the point.

In my Corporate Law Practice Exam, for example, I was almost blaming myself and I asked myself why I had to read that much for such a simple exam. However, the truth is that it felt like that because I prepared for it adequately. Something about Bar Finals is that the syllabus is voluminous and it requires adequate preparation. There is a lot to read and there’s little or no time. For example, the Law of Evidence we took for two (2) semesters in the University was covered in just two (2) weeks in the Law School. Therefore, one needs to sit up tight and put in extra effort. However, I assure you that once you’ve mastered and understood the principle, exceptions, authorities and your drafts to have great extent, you’re good to go.



Name: Chukwuemezie Charles Emejuo

Campus: Kano Campus (First Class), Director General’s Prize for First Class Students; Prince Bola Ajibola CFR, KBE, SAN prize for the third best student in Civil Litigation.

University: Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (formerly Anambra State University), Anambra State Second Class Honours (Upper Division)

About:Charles can be reached at

Charles Emejuo pictures
Source: Charles Emejuo


Getting admission to the Nigerian law school is one thing, and getting your preferred campus is another. My law school posting was not a funny one as I was posted to a campus I would not ordinarily want to go, having filled my choices as Abuja, Bayelsa, Abuja, Lagos. However, seeing that Fish (Chukwudi Ajaegbo) and Chubby (Chukwubuikem Obianyo) my pals were also posted to Kano, I was encouraged to go my parents. Situated in Bagauda, Kano law school was a different experience to me, having not been to the north before. Upon arrival, the cold environment saw us wearing winter jackets to save ourselves. The Bagauda lake was a sight to behold.

Charles Emejuo Pictures
Source: Charles Emejuo

I sought advice from senior colleagues who never relented in giving their time. God bless them. I was seeking for the best formula to be successful in the Nigerian law school (NLS) and I got varying replies. Everyone had their ways, and it all worked for them – they all became successful at a sitting – then I realized that it’s not about a particular formula but about knowing what works for you. In all the responses I received from my seniors, one thing is central, and that is the presence of hard work and the grace of the Almighty. I stuck to this. Thank God for the presence of CLASFON and CALSAN, we worshipped together.

Obeying the rules in the campus was not a difficult one for me, because most of the rules were not really strange. If I don’t attend my lectures what will I be doing elsewhere? Is it not better to do this NLS thing once and for all? Why not join my group discussion and help my memory? Why spoil my file for something that is not worth it? Distraction was expensive and too stressful in the campus because the town was too far away. Finance might have been a challenge, but thanks to my parents who never allowed that happen, they’re the best you can have.

The fear and tension about the NLS and the Bar Finals is enough to ‘kill’ a student. I realized that the fear is not necessary. I believe in God. One thing remains common about the university and the law school, the same God is with us so failure cannot be an option. We were successful in university, why not law school? If people have failed, doesn’t mean I will fail, after all some others passed.

Lecture attendance was compulsory to me; made class notes and scrambled for slides. Meeting up with reading for the day’s topic was difficult, however my 1st term break and externship period was very useful, thanks to Uche James Osita and Chris Okparaolu respectively. We sacrificed our money and luxury to go a distance away from home in order to read. We didn’t sacrifice our God. I always thought, ‘it’s better to sacrifice these and do this once’.

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Name: Jeremiah Opeyemi OJO

Campus: Kano Campus (First Class), Director General’s Prize for First Class Students and Outstanding Academic Excellence by the Student Representative Council of the Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus.

University: Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife. FIRST CLASS HONOURS. Awards include: (1) Faculty Prize for the student who obtained the best overall result in the Final LL. B degree Examination; (2) Hon. Justice Olu Ayoola Prize for the graduating student with the best result in the LL. B part II examination; (3) Justice C. O. Madarikan Prize for the student who obtained the best overall result in the Final LL. B degree Examination; (4) Hon. Justice Kayode Esho Annual Prize for the student who obtained the best overall result in the Final LL. B degree Examination; (5) Chief Gani Fawehinmi Prize for the student who obtained the best overall result in the Final LL. B degree Examination; (6) Hon. Justice Mohammed Bello Prize for the student who obtained the best overall result in the Final LL. B degree (Hons) degree Examination; and (7) Hon. Justice Jaiyeola Abayomi Olowofoyeku Prize for the best graduating student in the Faculty of Law.

About: I am Jeremiah Opeyemi OJO. A member of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry. I am a Christian by God’s grace. I believe so much in hard work. I equally believe that no good success can be achieved without God. I always motivate myself with the verse of the scripture that says “seeth thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings and not before mean men” I am also of the opinion that circumstances of life should neither determine nor dictate once fate in life. My email is and my phone number is 07067962368 .

I made up my mind even before going to Law that I must finish with a first class. No one motivated me. In fact, I can say that it is a self motivation coupled with God inspiration. I believed that with God, all things are possible. I started reading and preparing for Law School even before the resumption. So, setting your goals and know what you want to achieve is very paramount. This will guide you when discouragement sets in. It will make you remain focused in the midst of challenges. The aspirants to be bar should be courageous and should not entertain any fear. If others have done it successfully, they can also do it. It is well with you all in Jesus name



Naomi Ekop in her wig and gown
Source: Naomi Ekop

Naomi Ekop says:

God is set to break grounds with your set. There’s really nothing to be afraid of and you do not have to digest every story you hear about law school. Some of them may not even apply to your campus. Your campus maybe smaller than what you imagined but it will work to your advantage. You’ll be busy, but you’ll be busy doing the things that matter in the course of which you’ll build capacity and meet amazing people who will turn out to be like family. Enjoy the law school experience. “

Naomi Ekop
Naomi Ekop
Source: Naomi Ekop


Law School is just another step in the journey of life. The applicable rules may differ but they are not beyond you or God. If others have made it, you definitely will. Remain diligent and consistent, thinking and speaking only positive things and you’ll find yourself on the way to achieving your dreams. “

Naomi Ekop