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Name: Muhammed Ndakudu Adam

Campus: Lagos Campus (Second Class Upper Division), Honourable Justice Olujide Somolu

Prize for the Overall Best Student in Civil Litigation

University: University of Ilorin (First Class)

About: Adam hails from Edu Local Government of Kwara State, a Muslim from a humble family of 8. He attended Isalemaliki LGEA School and Government Secondary School Ilorin for his primary and secondary education respectively. Adam holds a First Class Degree in Law from the University of Ilorin and a Second Class Upper Degree from the Nigerian Law School. In 2015, Adam was honoured as the Best Overall Student in Jurisprudence and International Law and, in 2016, as the Overall Best Student in Civil Litigation by the University of Ilorin and the Council of Legal Education, respectively – the latter serving as a testament to his membership of the Law Clinic and his service as one of ten group leaders of the Lagos Campus of the Nigerian Law School, respectively. He has previously worked with the Law Office of K. K. Eleja (SAN) & Co. He is an Associate at Country Hill Attorneys and Solicitors and belongs to the firm’s ADR & Litigation, Intellectual Property and Corporate & Commercial Practice Groups.  He can be reached at 

Adam Wig and Gown

About Law School
I always tell people that law school is a place to be but not twice. It was this drive that helped me in law school. I was practically a triangular student back then in law school. People also believe that law school is hard, the exams are difficult. However, I’ve always been saying it and will continue to say it that: Bar Final is 90% over rated. It’s nothing more than just an exam on what you have been taught in class. Law school won’t ask you what they did not teach you and you’ll not be tested on everything and in fact you’ll require not more than 20% of the knowledge acquired to tackle the exam. So relax and calm your nerves. If those in the past could do it successfully then you can. Do not listen to anybody that says Bar final is hard. All you need is know your onions.

During my stay at the Nigerian Law School, I met some brilliant and amazing colleagues, such as Betha, Promise, Olapade Sulyah, Fatima Giwa, Eyitene, Bodunde, Falade Faith, Adonu Geoffrey and others. I had group discussions with many of them and 5 of them made 1st class when they released the Bar Result. I learnt greatly from these people and they made me realise that Law is not known alone, it is better learnt through discussions.

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The MCQ App
The MCQ App

The Nigerian Law School is responsible for training of law graduates within and outside Nigeria, who upon meeting several requirements, inclusive of passing the Bar Finals Examinations will be called to bar.

In order to improve upon the success rate at the Bar Examinations, the MCQ App was created. Below are its outstanding features:

1. First of its kind: The MCQ App is the first Legal App in Nigeria comprising questions similar to those that might be set in the Bar Final Examinations. It is a compendium of over 700 questions, broken down into over 120 questions for each of the 5 courses offered in the Nigerian Law School.

2. Top notch questions: The questions are set by the best of brains in the Bar Finals Examinations, who all made First Class, one of whom also was the Overall Best Student in the 2015/2016 set.

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The man answered, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

“Right!” Jesus told him. “Do this and you will live!”

 The man wanted to justify his actions, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?

Luke 10: 27 – 29 The New Living Translation (NLT)

the Kayode Ewumi Meme
the Kayode Ewumi Meme

I just realized that I haven’t written an opinion piece in a long time. You would notice, that I try to keep my personal life out of the Internet (in this case, my Blog) as much as I can. My opinions, of course, are influenced to some extent by my personal experiences.  Nevertheless(I like this word), I would like to share my few thoughts in the next three to four paragraphs (I am not counting).

Presently, I am a member of the National Youth Service Corps. Some call us Otondo, some call us Corper. I think the name that has stood out for me is ‘Buhari Pikin’. I still don’t understand that one. And no, I am not getting into the argument of whether the NYSC should be scrapped.

I went for the Orientation Programme in a state in Eastern Nigeria. (Please permit me to spare little personal information. Thank you.) Culture shock? Not really. I mean, I can’t count the number of times, people walked up to me and started conversations in Igbo. And I have to admit I wasn’t as adventurous as I would have liked. I had the famous ‘Okpa’ (Soya Bean Pudding) and ‘Abacha’ (African Salad) only once. And I learnt to say ‘I am in Enugu’ in Igbo. Not good enough, I agree. But I digress.

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Self discovery Mario

… my friends think I am joking about leaving the country. I am not. Think about it. There is nothing for me here. There isn’t exactly anything for me there too, but it won’t be said that I didn’t try with all that I had to find some happiness. It wouldn’t be said at all.


Work is great. I made myself this really horrible red velvet. Even a glass of Bailey on the rocks couldn’t save it. I will keep at it. Practice makes perfect. I find that I may soon be back to my life of drinking Baileys and watching African magic. My days at this cake shop are numbered.


Abigail and Enkay and Fifunmi are here to monitor me. They are not taking this news well. I guess it is okay to have friends who worry about you but I would prefer to be alone.


‘So, how could you not have told us? Nobody had an idea you were even applying for a visa.’

I sigh in exasperation. We have been through this. ‘I didn’t think it would work out. Plus, two of my siblings are there.’

Enkay shakes her head. ‘That’s not it. You can go visit. Which one is you are leaving the country? What will you do there? You couldn’t even hold a job here.’

I laugh dryly. ‘Maybe my destiny will be fulfilled if I leave Nigeria.’

Abigail moves to the corner and seats on the floor. She is gazing into space. ‘I have failed you, Mario. I have.’ She looks around the room. ‘We all have failed you. Youa re an amazing person, and God put you in our lives for a purpose. Do you know what you have done for each of us? Enkay? Fifunmi? Me especially. I prayed to God for a friend and I met you. But what have I done for you in return? Nothing. How did I help you with your quandary? I have failed you.’

Fifunmi nods in agreement. ‘The truth is when all is said and done, we really don’t know what is at the end of the road we have taken till we get there. But what if you had access to the person who made the roads? Listen Mario, if you don’t even take away anything from what we are trying to tell you. Take this. There is a God who loves you so much that He took the human form to die for you. He knew you from when you were formed about you. And He has a plan for your life. A plan that defies human understanding. But if you don’t draw close to Him, if you don’t believe in Him, if you don’t believe that He is and saves, then you bear the burden alone.’

I resist the urge to scoff. ‘Why are we having this conversation?’ I shake my head in disbelief. ‘Why? God is Alpha and Omega. That’s fine. But what has He got to do with me? Am I contesting His Supremacy?’ Continue reading “MARIO 11 – HEART CRY”



Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right.

Songs of Solomon 8:4 New Living Translation (NLT)


The winds bear the tales of your departure

Your heels pressing into the sand

With every step


My heavy heart

Struggling to beat

I fear for my life.




It really is true

Turn and face me

I dare you!

Give me something to remember

Other than the back of your head

My pleas, dead in my throat

I fear for my sanity


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