I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.  For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength

Phil 4:12 – 13 New Living Translation (NLT)

This is a movie review and as usual, no spoilers.

characters from zootopia

A young rabbit has always had dreams of becoming a police officer – in Zootopia –the only place in Animalville that anybody can be anything. She doesn’t want to be a carrot farmer like her parents and other siblings, she wants to be a Police Officer so she can change the world. The only problem, is she is a rabbit. So, she gets into the Police Academy in Zootopia and the arduous life begins. At first, she is not getting anything right; she seems to lack the strength, and size of the predators – Tigers, Pandas, Hippopotamuses, Rams, Lions, because the Police Academy is teeming with them. But she finds her feet – literarily – she adapts by hopping, diligently reading, rigorous training to maintain her stamina, this is after she already nearly quit. She finishes the top of her class, and voila she is ready to take up duties in the bullpen. But even her optimism doesn’t prepare her for what the Police Chief throws her way. Since this is not real life, it only makes sense that the first animal she meets, a fox, is the first lead in her make or break case. It also happens that the first criminal she chases also gives her vital information that helps in the final resolution of the case.

Judy hopps bunny
source: TV Tropes

The truth is the storyline is not something that we have not seen before, but what is amazing is how something so commonplace can have so much depth and be so affecting and stimulating – for lack of better words. It is so rich and I think on some level, young children may miss some of the other subtle messages but anybody regardless of their age would have a good time watching this movie. It speaks to the optimist in everybody but yet tries to strike a balance by saying life is complex, and being optimistic, diligent, ambitious and hopeful may not be enough. Sometimes, ‘it is a hustle, sweetheart!’

It is a great movie. This is one movie I can see myself watching severally. If you find yourself needing a pep talk, but there is nobody around to give it to you, grab some pop corn, relax in your chair, and follow Judy Hopps as she makes her mark in Zootopia.

In conclusion, yes, life is complex. Yes, the world is not perfect. Yes, we make mistakes. Yes, things don’t usually go as planned. Yes, there are no magic words or songs to make the problems go away. And sometimes, we would feel like we can’t do so much because whatever. But, I will disagree with Chief Bozo here, it is not only about what you are capable of, it is also about how badly you want something. Life is complex, but anything is possible. After all, if Judy Hopps didn’t want to be a police officer so badly, and she looked at what she was capable of, she would have gone back half way through the police academy to being a carrot farmer.

P.S Bunnies are just too cute.



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